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Great news: Franklin, MA is the safest city in the United States

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Residents of Franklin can rest easily. It is the safest city to live in, in the United States. And it holds that prestigious title by a considerable distance from the number two city. It is the first time that Franklin has been rated the safest city in the United States, and it knocked another Massachusetts city- Hopkinton from first place.

Let's look at the statistics that make Franklin so safe and why Franklin is the safest city in all of America.

The crime statistics

Anyone who lives in Franklin will be aware of the low crime rate, but did you realize how low it actually is? Check out these statistics.

Franklin has 0.06 violent crimes per 1000 residents. Compare this to the Massachusetts average of 3.8 per 1000 and the national average of 4 violent crimes per 1000 residents. This means there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of someone in Franklin being the victim of a violent crime. The Massachusetts average is a 1 in 305 chance.

Even looking at lesser crimes such as property crimes, Franklin fares well.

In Franklin, there are 1.85 property crimes per 1000 residents. The Massachusetts average is 11.8, and the national average is 21 property crimes per 1000 people.

Finally, there are two crimes per square mile in Franklin, far lower than the rest of Massachusetts, which has 20 crimes per square mile, and the United States, which has 28.3 crimes per square mile.

On every crime metric, not only is Franklin lower, but it is considerably lower.

"It’s always an honor to be on any of these lists where our community is considered one of the safest in the state or the country,” Town Administrator Jaime Hellen.

The safest neighborhoods

According to the crime rates, the five safest areas in Franklin are:

  • Lincoln St/Elm St
  • Wadsworth
  • Brushwood/Country View Estates
  • City Centre
  • Dean College/Pleasant Street

Why is Franklin so safe?

One of the reasons is despite a population of over 32,000 people; Franklin has maintained a small-town feel where people are friendly, and there is a feeling of community.

Franklin has a highly rated education system. Public schools within the city are all part of the Franklin School District, and education is essential to the city. So it should be no surprise that Horace Mann, otherwise known as the American father of public education, was born and grew up in Franklin.

The Franklin police force has maintained a low crime rate that obviously pleases Police Chief Thomas Lynch.

“People know (the police officers), they’re comfortable with them. It’s good to be recognized. I think it speaks a lot not only to the residents that we have in town but also the men and women who work hard here every single day.” Police Chief Thomas Lynch

While Massachusetts is a low-crime state in general, very few cities come close to Franklin.

"We're regularly on the list, which I think year in and year out proves that the town is a safe community, and we're in a very safe state," said Lynch.

Let's hope that Franklin can continue to be a safe city and keep the crime rates at a national low.

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