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Why is Buckeye, Arizona the 2nd fastest-growing city in the United States?

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Buckeye, in Maricopa County, Arizona, continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Buckeye has had the second-biggest percentage growth in population out of any city in the United States, with a population of over 50,000.

Located thirty miles west of Phoenix, Buckeye was the number one fastest-growing US City in both 2017 and 2018. Since 2010 its population has increased by 56.6% population.

Why Is Buckeye So Popular?

Due to Phoenix's title of the westernmost suburb, Buckeye is the only major city between Phoenix and Los Angeles. This makes it an excellent place to stop for people traveling between the two cities and also an option for California companies who wish to relocate to Arizona.

The area boasts significant employers such as Banner Health, the City of Phoenix, and several financial companies, including American Express, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

They can’t take the congestion and the cost of regulation and all the problems that California is having, so Buckeye benefits from that,” David Roderique, Buckeye’s economic development director.

The available land and economic opportunities make it very attractive to both businesses and families. There are 640 square miles of undeveloped land, with only 5% of the land inside the city limits currently developed. In fact, the amount of vacant land in Buckeye is so large that you can fit 14 Tempe's inside of its boundaries. This has led to affordable housing and planned communities.

Downtown Buckeye, despite its growth, still retains that small hometown feel compared to the bustling Phoenix metro.

Buckeye’s average household income is $61,469, and the average home value is $251,015. Buckeye is also an easy commute to Phoenix, so residents can live in a more affordable city but still have access to the Phoenix job market.

Buckeye provides our residents an excellent quality of life. We offer good housing values while also staying focused on ensuring we remain a desirable community for years to come.” Buckeye Mayor Jackie Meck

How is Buckeye Planning for the Growth?

With so many people moving to Buckeye, there is a need to ensure the infrastructure can cope with the growth. And one essential resource is schooling.

The Buckeye Elementary School District is in constant consultation with demographers to help forecast enrollment numbers and projected school capacities. Mike Lee, assistant superintendent for academic programs and professional learning for the district.

The year that I got here, they opened up a new school – Marionneaux Elementary. It was relieving another school in the district, which was already at capacity. But the fact that the district had already planned for that growth showed its planning works. The new school was ready to get on board and relieve it, so we haven’t had any dramatic overcrowding. Mike Lee, assistant superintendent for academic programs and professional learning for the district.

The John S. McCain III Elementary opened in Buckeye at the start of this school of this year, and there are plans to open one more school a few years after McCain opens.

And it seems the growth is expected to continue. Buckeye Principal Planner, Adam Copeland, says "We probably have well over 10 to 15 active home builders in Buckeye right now."

Readers- have you recently moved to Buckeye, and if so, why?

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