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How Safe Is It To Live In Dallas?

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Did you know that Dallas has a higher crime rate than 90% of American cities? In fact, according to the most recent crime statistics, Dallas ranks in the bottom 6% for safety.

A recent poll by YouGov found that only 13% of people found Dallas 'Very Safe.' And Dallas doesn't fare well compared to other Texan cities. The chance of someone in Dallas being a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 114 compared to the Texas city average of 1 in 239.

The Crime Rates

If you delve deeper, the numbers don't look great for Dallas- well, unless you are a criminal.

There is a 1 in 29 chance a Dallas resident will be the victim of property crime, compared with the Texas average of 1 in 42. You may be thinking, well, Dallas is a much bigger city, so of course, crime will be higher. Well, even taking into account the size, the statistics don't look good.

Dallas has 150 crimes per square mile. The average across Texas is 28 crimes per square mile, and the average across the United States is 28.3 crimes per square mile.

Smarter Travel gives the below advice to anyone visiting Dallas:

The Dallas neighborhoods to avoid⁠—those that spike the Dallas crime rate⁠—include South Dallas, West Dallas, and certain parts of East Dallas.

The Areas With the Highest Crime Rates

There are several Dallas neighborhoods that have particularly high crime rates. As noted above, these include South Dallas, West Dallas, and some areas of East Dallas.

Fair Park has a high rate of break-ins and thefts. The website SafeAround also recommends visitors to Dallas avoid including South Boulevard-Park Row, Cedar Crest, South Dallas, Convention Center District, Cockrell Hill, Northwest Dallas, and Wolf Creek.

Safer Neighborhoods

Conversely, there are plenty of neighborhoods that are regarded as safe.

The area north of El Dorado has the lowest crime rate in Dallas. Other areas with lower than average crime rates include Double Oak, West McKinney, North Dallas, Eastern Colleyville, Bent Tree, Oakdale, Country Brook, Timber Creek, and North Richland Hills.

COVID has increased crime

A new study published by the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice reported a huge rise in violent crime in America’s largest cities during the pandemic. Homicides increased by 30% over this period.

“We saw a 30% rise in homicide rates in the 34 cities for which we could get data. “Dallas homicide rates rose, but Dallas is not alone, this was a nationwide phenomenon.” Richard Rosenfeld, authot ot the report

What are your thoughts?

People of Dallas, how safe do you feel in your city? Do you agree with these assessments, and how do you feel in Dallas compared to other cities in Texas? Do you think law enforcement is doing a good job in fighting crime and assisting victims of crime in Dallas?

Let us know your thoughts on the safety of Dallas in the comments.

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