Only 43% of Texans Approve of The Job Texas Governor Abbott Is Doing

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Today in the Texas Tribune, a poll shows that only 43% of Texans approve of the job that Governor Greg Abbott is doing. 45% of people polled disapproved of Governor Abbott while the rest had no opinion.

A lot of this is due to how Governor Abbott has handled the pandemic, with only 43% of Texans believing that he had managed the COVID pandemic well. Not surprisingly, most of Abbott's support is from Republicans, with 77% of Republicans approving of Abbott.

However, even from fellow Republicans, it seems that Abbott is losing support with a drop of 10% in approval from the last poll. And some of the discontent may be coming from his fellow elected Republicans. In a long New York Times article critiquing the performance of Governor Abbott, the Texas Attorney, Ken Paxton, was quoted as saying he won't be supporting Abbott's bid for re-election in 2022.

“The way this typically works in a primary is it’s kind of everybody running their own race. I don’t think he supports me; I don’t support him.” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Interestingly a few hours after the New York Times article was published, Paxton denied making that statement and posted the tweet below stating, "Fake new NY Time strikes again! Let me be clear: I support Greg Abbott! He's a great Governor and a Great Texan."
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Abbott himself served as the Texas Attorney General from 2002 to 2015.

There are several rumors of who may challenge Abbott when he seeks a third term. Options include Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and Texas GOP Chairman Allen West.

Paxton himself is also up for reelection next year with rumors he may be challenged by a famous Texan political name- Land Commissioner George P. Bush. And it seems Paxton may have some work to do. Paxton's approval rating was even lower than Abbotts' among Texas voters at 32 percent and 59 percent among Republicans. He is also battling allegations that he illegally used the power of his office to help friend and campaign donor, Nate Paul.

There is no doubt that the last 12 months have been done tough for all Texans. The COVID-19 pandemic forcing lockdowns followed by the severe winter freeze in February has tested the mettle of all. It seems opinion is heavily divided on how Governor Abbott has handled these situations, and the 2022 gubernatorial elections will be very interesting.

Will Abbott and Paxton be celebrating on November 8th, 2022, or will Texas have a new Governor and Attorney General? There is certainly a very interesting 18 months ahead.

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