How Well Do You Know Chicago? Take This Quick 10 Question Quiz

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Think you are an expert on Chicago? Always wanted to go on Jeopardy? Do you always beat your friends at Trivial Pursuit?

Well, it's time to put yourself to the test. I have collated 10 questions on Chicago to see if you really are a Chicago expert. And to make it a little easier they are multiple-choice.

Good luck!

1. The name Chicago derives from a Native American word- shikaakwa. What does the word mean?

a. Windy city

b. Cold town

c. Garden fields

d. The place of the wild onion

2. What is unique about the Chicago River?

a. It flows in reverse

b. It is the same temperature all year round

c. It contains sharks

d. It is the deepest river in North America

3. What was the original name of the Chicago Cubs

a. The Bears

b. The White Stockings

c. The Wild Onions

d. The Bay Bears

4. What year did Chicago officially become a city?

a. 1817

b. 1837

c. 1688

d. 1900

5. Why was Chicago called the "windy city?"

a. Due to the high winds

b. Due to the exaggerated promises on politicians

c. Due to excessive flatulence

d. Due to the winding roads

6. Chicago's motto urbs in horto means what?

a. The wind beneath my wings

b. City in a Garden

c. Due to excessive flatulence

d. Due to the winding roads

7. Chicago has the only public sculpture made by Pablo Picasso

True or False?

8. Which of the below was NOT made from leftover animal parts in Chicago slaughterhouses?
a. Tennis racquet strings

b. Paintbrushes

c. Beer barrels

d. Soap

9. Which Chicago landmark was the largest building in the world in 1889?

a. The Sears Tower

b. The Water Tower

c. The Auditorium

d. Fort Dearborn

10. What was the original name for the band Chicago?

a. Chicago Transit Authority

b. Chicago

c. Illinois

d. The Chicago Five


1. D. Shikaakwa is translated as "wild onion" or "skunk cabbage". It came as there were so many of them growing in the area. Originally the name was applied to the river before the whole city acquired the name.

2. A. The Chicago River flows out of Lake Michigan, which means the river actually flows in reverse to most rivers. This was done after the Chicago fire in 1871.

3. B. The Chicago White Stockings. Formed in 1876 they were named this due to the color of their uniforms and socks.

4. B. Chicago was incorporated as a town in 1833 and as a city in 1837.

5. B. In 1893, Charles A. Dana, an editor of the “New York Sun,” published an editorial calling Chicago a “windy city.” He was referring to the city's full-of-hot air politicians who were pitching Chicago as the host of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in preference to New York City.

6. B. City in a garden. It was created in the 1830s due to the city’s historic park system.

7. True! The Chicago Picasso is an untitled monumental sculpture by Pablo Picasso in Daley Plaza and is the only public Picasso sculpture in the world.

8. C. Beer barrels

9. C The Auditorium when first built was the tallest building in the world.

10. A. Chicago Transit Authority. The band shortened its name to Chicago after the release of their debut album after receiving a threat of legal action from the Chicago Transit Authority.

So how did you go?

0-3 Maybe you should move to another city

4-6 Not bad but you need to improve

7-9 You should run for Mayor

10 You are the Michael Jordan of quizzes.

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