Refining T3 Equipment Guides for Lost Ark Beginners


You can complete your Lost Ark equipment through the Bahun Tour located in the Continent of Yong and Peyton. Starting from 545, you can advance in the Continent of Yong or get level 600 through the Tricion Pass to grow. Lost Ark item level 600 is level 3, and the equipment growth system is changed from polishing to refining.
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If your item level reaches 600, you need to click on the big story in the character information window to view the hero level equipment. This is the first time T3 can be used for essential refining equipment. Continuing the story of the Peyton Continent, you can obtain various equipment refining materials and Lost Ark Gold, but it is recommended to go to Peyton Metropolis Bahun Route NPC after completing the Peyton Continent World Quest. After the big story is equipped, you need to reach level 725 to enter the nightmare of Antares.

Refining methods and conversion of refining effects

If you choose equipment that Bahuntur has refined, you need to grow equipment and refine equipment. After the equipment refining is successful, the refining level will increase, and the introductory success rate varies according to the refining level. You can also increase the success rate of refining by using additional refining materials and craftsman energy.

Equipment growth: Press the [Growth] button and use the Sun Stone Fragment to grow all equipment experience points to refine it.

Equipment refining: uranium, gelato gold, breakthrough stone, additional refining materials, unique refining materials, etc., depending on the degree of refining.


1. After selecting the item to be refined, the equipment grows.

It is necessary to use solar stone fragments to cultivate equipment to refine the equipment.

2. Check the basic materials of refining equipment

When the refining level is upgraded, or higher-level equipment is refined, higher-level materials or new materials are required. Refining weapons require uranium, refining armor requires Galatonum, and the specific refining stage requires breakthrough stones.

hint! You can check the refining cost and probability by selecting the equipment (Ctrl+right-click) View Information or searching in the item dictionary (Alt+D).

3. Choose additional materials for refining

If the refining success rate is less than 100%, you can increase the success rate by using additional refining materials.

4. Selection of unique refining materials

When the equipment you want to recast meets certain conditions, you can use additional materials that help refine it.

Increased refining success rate: due to refining failures, the success rate is additionally increased based on the primary success rate. There is an additional success rate, which can be accumulated to the maximum. If the refining is successful, the refining level will be increased and reset.

Craftsman energy increase: Regardless of the refining success rate, the craftsman's energy will gradually accumulate. When it reaches 100%, the refining can be successful regardless of the refining success rate. Later, when the refinement level is increased or used for equipment inheritance, the energy of the craftsman is reset.

Extra refining effect: In the specific refining stage of the equipment, turn on the additional refining effect, which NPC Bahuntur can convert.

Refining affects conversion: The refining effect of equipment can be changed by using Omars Hammer.

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