New World Coins Market price plummeted


Since the launch of New World, the game, like any other popular MMORPG, has been an invasion target for robots. Initially, these robots focused on mining ore and fishing. They have expanded to all other professions, mainly fishing, and they have reached a very high level. Some robots reached level 30 only by fishing.
New World fishing

The player wrote: Last week, I saw many robots pouring into my server again. But they are now at a higher level, from level 20 to level 30. They search and collect very efficiently. Are other servers? Encountered a similar situation? I reported the same robot three times in three days, and I no longer want to compete with the robot for materials...

Players are frustrated by the apparent inaction of the developer and operator Amazon Game Studio for two main reasons: the price of New World Coins has fallen due to a large number of robots collecting materials, and the resources collected by themselves become meaningless; when players keep reporting When the robot appeared very obvious, the official did not respond.

The player wrote on the Steam community page: It's time to give up collecting resources to make. Robots keep looping their routes over and over again. Sometimes there are only a few seconds between two robots. Reporting is useless. It's time to give up.

Amazon Games is again facing in-game issues, and the New World player community believes that these issues have not been dealt with or taken seriously. Before this, the game has encountered various money-related bugs many times. As an MMORPG, the market economy is an essential part. At present, the official has not yet responded to the robot's problem.

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