Amazon is giving away the new world free to players who use Steam to share with friends and relatives.


The New MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, New World, has won a good reputation after its launch. However, the number of players has gradually lost due to many problems. To save more players, they have adopted a strategy to give away for free, but this is based on You were previously a player who played the game through Steam Family and Friends Sharing.
New World

Steam Family and Friends Sharing is a function implemented by Valve in 2014. It allows a player with a Steam account who already owns a game to authorize on the same computer host, allowing another player with family or friends to use his Steam account to do it. This game can also unlock Steam achievements and save progress on the Steam cloud.

However, this feature has caused a lot of trouble for New World because the convenience shared by Steam friends and relatives has become a loophole for New World Coins Farming and cheating players (only one account can be authorized to 5 versions), so the official In early November, it was announced that the Steam family and friends sharing function was blocked.

At that time, Amazon Games discontinued the Steam family and friends sharing feature, and there was a short curse on Reddit. However, I don't know if the officer noticed the dissatisfaction of the community. Now this policy has taken a big turn-give you a copy of New World for you. Continue your adventure on the island of Aeternum.

This gift that has fallen from the sky is rare. After all, most players who use Steam to share their views on New World are primarily on the sidelines and don't want to spend money, so they experience it through the authorization of relatives, friends, or friends. There is no need to spend any money.

By the way, after New World hit more than 900,000 simultaneous online players on Steam since its listing, the current population has lost less than 300,000. Perhaps this is the purpose of Amazon's gift strategy. There are indeed many frustrating minor flaws in the new world, and there is an urgent need to improve the quality of life. They have a lot of space here to expand new stories and explore new areas. These deficiencies can sometimes become cumbersome and annoying, so much that I have logged out because I don’t want to deal with inventory management or run the same road on the mountain outside First Light again. If someone is looking for a beautiful and frustrating game, they should first check out other more mature MMOs.

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