How to accept the New World Territories Quest?


What do you do well in the New World Territories Quest? In the game, you can receive different types of territorial missions, and the difficulty of completing them is slightly different. Many players don't know what to do with territorial tasks. The BuyNewWorldCoins editor below will bring you a guide to the new world territory's Quest. Let's take a look.
New world Territories

Town tasks are generally divided into the following types:

1) Production

At low levels, Fiber, Raw Hide, Iron Ore, and GreenWood are needed. Advanced uses Cloth, Coarse Leather, Iron Ingot, Timber. This kind of task is worth doing. I usually put some materials in the warehouse and do it as soon as I brush it out. The experience is not bad.

2) Cooking

It requires a variety of weird raw materials, and generally, there are not many of these materials in the early stage. There is little mission experience, so nothing is done.

3) Collection

If there is a lot of material, do it, let's go. Experience is better than nothing.

4) Submit items

Usually, it is to hand in potions and production materials, but you can hand in as many as you have, and the experience is okay. It is not recommended to collect them exclusively.

5) Hunting

Such tasks are stupid. Usually, it is for you to kill all kinds of beasts, such as five bison, ten sheep, and so on. If you are not familiar with the distribution of beasts, this task may be stuck for a long time. And the most annoying thing is that since the hunting mission is that all the monsters on the map are counted, you may be asked to kill the beasts that are not there on this map. You can pick it up to try your luck, but don't go back to the city after killing it.

6) Investigation

After this kind of task is brushed out, check whether it is very close to the central and branch task locations so that you can do it on the way. There is no need to take a long route deliberately. Note that when you are at a low level, you may receive a survey task in a high-level area. After receiving the Quest, press J to look at the task level.

If you don't want to do the task you received, click on the board to give it up. Or press J to find this task, and Abandon gives up.

All domain Quest will be refreshed every half an hour, Do those Quests you can earn New World Coins, but the tasks that have been accepted will not be swept away no matter how long it takes.

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