Video Compare Forza Horizon 5 with Real Mexico


This Forza game is as exciting as other games. They determined everything they needed, listened to feedback, and made a great product.

The map is incredibly dynamic and has every location/terrain needed. Better than Fh4. Equal to or better than FH3 (need more time)

The weather feels less forced and more natural.

This story is more coherent than FH4, which in my opinion is one of its low points (still great). It can be traced back to the holiday upgrade formula. But you can progress through specific categories of presentations and regular competitions.

Sound is another low point in FH4, and they have fixed it perfectly here. Everything sounds natural and true.

The user interface is great and refreshing. Ray tracing is great.

The only problem is that it crashed my computer in the first place. This is early access and it only happened once. They have been repaired in the work. I also hope that more cars have convertible functions. These are my only questions.

One of the most striking aspects of Fora Horizon 5 is its impeccable visual section, where you can see a beautiful interpretation of some of the most striking cities and environments in Mexico. In this way, a video shows us how precise the recreation of locations is.

On this occasion, the Bit Analyst shared a video that, although it does not try to buy versions of the same game on different platforms, yes it shows us How is the Plaza de La Paz, Guanajuato, the Holy Trinity, Usual and the Arc de Cabo San Lucas, face to face with its virtual interpretations in forza horizon 5.

As they could see, Playground Games has done a fantastic work on this occasion. Of course, some elements of the real world are not present in the game, and the lack of people on the streets is something strange, but the result demonstrates the level of production found at Xbox Game Studios.

Fora Horizon 5 will arrive at Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on November 9. You can check our game review here. Similarly, this analysis shows that this title also runs greatly at the Xbox One.

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