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Baltimore-Bred App Lets Locals Outsource Laundry

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Like the majority of children, Nachshon Fertel hated doing the laundry. The mother of the now 20-year old kid from Pikesville was the one responsible for cleaning not just Nachson's clothes but also that of her 4 other children.

Yet, everything changed over 3 years ago when Mort, the father and former CEO of a nonprofit, approached the child with a momentous proposition: a game-changing mobile application existing as a hybrid between a laundromat and a rideshare service. Unlike his distasteful response when washing clothes, Nachson was quite eager to assist with the venture.

Nachshon is a self-taught programmer since he was 12 years old, due to a lifelong fondness for computers. By the time he entered junior high, Nachson was crafting applications from scratch to aid his friends' parents with various small businesses. Through his expertise in software development, his brother Moshe's joy of team building, and his sister Shira's knack for bookkeeping, the entire family joined as one to found a company known as SudShare back in 2018. Of all the potentials in the world to be the first to try out their core product, Ari, their mother, became the first customer.

In a process involving no more than three steps, SudShare is very simple to navigate. With just several clicks, customers post their location and leave the laundry at the stoop of their homes to be collected. Similar to Uber drivers, a "Sudster", picks up the laundry, takes it back to their home, then cleans and prepares it for delivery the very next day. With any mobile device, customers have threads cleaned for up to $1 per pound so they can skip the trip to the local laundromat.

Unfortunately, once cleaned, the customer that made the request will have to go to the location where their Sudster lives and pick it up.

"SudShare is the only work-from-home gig job. Most of our Sudsters are stay-at-home parents." - Moshe, Director of Operations

Since the app launched just over 3 years ago, SudShare now serves 400 cities with well over 55,000 Sudsters spread across the United States. Although much has changed since its time of origination, the family relocated to a new headquarters in Minneapolis. As the service expands, the family hopes it evolves into a stape for every household.

"There’s a second option when you move into a new apartment now—you can get a laundry machine, or you can just outsource it. That’s our vision and we have a great team that’s going to tackle it." - Moshe, Director of Operations

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