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MSNBC Guest Says a Potential Loss for Lauren Boebert is a Gain For OnlyFans

April McAbee

A crass joke on national television by Democrat Party strategist Kurt Bardella has many people up in arms and coming to the defense of Republican Rep. Lauren Boebart (R-CO) after he insinuated that her only option would be to engage in online pornography if she fails to secure her reelection bid in a race that is still too close to call.

Bardella made the joke on MSNBC’s "The ReidOut" as he discussed Boebert’s too-close-to-call race against Democrat Adam Frisch with host Joy Reid and former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

At times, the race has been as close as 63 votes, separating the two candidates, and the last of the votes are still being counted.

Reid asked Bardella, “What’s the meaning if Lauren Boebert – the second most popular QAnon congressperson in MAGA – what if she loses?”

Reid noted Boebert’s restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, closed this year and asked where the congresswoman might work, should she lose her race.

“I guess is it might be a gain for OnlyFans,” Bardella responded, "I don’t know what she would do in that scenario, but I think that for — symbolically, to take out one of the poster childs of the MAGA movement, someone who has been an absolute disgrace to the office that she holds, would be a great feather in the cap and would, I think, cement the fact that this has been an absolutely unmitigated disaster for the MAGA wing in the Republican Party.”


OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom. The service is most notably known as a website that is used primarily by sex workers who produce pornography, but it also hosts the work of other content creators, such as physical fitness experts and musicians.

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