Mummies Open and Close Their Eyes After Hundreds of Years

April Killian

For several years, the internet has been going crazy over photos and videos of the mummified bodies of two deceased young girls from different parts of the world - who both suddenly seem to be opening and closing their eyes. Could it be true? Read along, watch the videos, then give your opinion in the comments!

Saint Innocence In Guadalajara
In the center of Guadalajara, Mexico, stands the massive Roman Catholic Basilica: The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady or simply the Guadalajara Cathedral as it is often called by tourists. Inside lie the venerated remains of several Bishops, three Cardinals, and even the heart of a Mexican President. It is the body of a young woman, however, said to be only fourteen years old at her death, who lies preserved in a glass case near the entrance of the church, that captures the hearts and attention of visitors. Her body has been there since 1925 but she is reported to be at least 300 years old and originally from Rome. Near her body, according to the Latinflyer website, there is a small sign which tells her story:

The remains of the little girl were taken out of a cemetery in Rome in 1786, and sent in 1788 to Don Vicente Flores Alatorre, a Catholic church dignitary who taught divinity at the Guadalajara cathedral.

Locally, there is a different story, however, that tells of the girl's tragic murder sometime in the 1700's by her own father. It is said that she chose to convert to Catholicism without asking him first. As she returned home after her first Eucharist, her father became so enraged that he stabbed her to death. Her body was taken to the church for her funeral and since then has become an official relic of the Catholic Church.

Sometime in 2012, a video was taken of Saint Innocent by a local resident where her eyes suddenly appear to open. The video was first shared online around 2014. Here is the short video:

Here is a skeptical look at the original video with a possible explanation by "The Boo Review" Channel on YouTube.

Rosalia Lombardo in Sicily
Little Rosalia was only two years old when she succumbed to pneumonia as a result of the Spanish Flu in 1920. Her heartbroken parents had her body embalmed and placed in a glass case in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo in Sicily. Over the last century, guests to the catacombs have admired her remarkable preservation and given her the title of "The Most Beautiful Mummy In the World." Many have also called her "Sleeping Beauty," because she looks so life-like she appears to be only sleeping. A few years ago, the rumor began that she was opening and closing her eyes. Photos were taken at different times - and indeed, in some photos her eyes appear to actually open enough to reveal her strikingly beautiful blue eyes that are remarkably still intact. Here is a short video with time released photography of little Rosalia that highlights the strange phenomenon. It was originally posted by the Inforains1 Channel on YouTube.

Want to know more about little Rosalia and what could be causing her eyes to appear very obviously to open and close? Here is a great in-depth documentary that discusses more of her history and all possible explanations. The video was created by Left Hand Path Channel on Youtube:

So there you have the videos and the stories of two young girls from different parts of the world who have captured the attention of millions long after their deaths. What do you think? Are the videos real? Is there a logical reason their eyes appear to open and close? Or is something otherworldly going on that we will never quite explain? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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