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Where Are They Now, Alabama? Antoine Dodson

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Antoine Dodson - who could forget the "Hide yo kids, hide yo wives" bandana wearing guy from Huntsville, Alabama who gained overnight internet fame by simply being himself on a local news broadcast? It's hard to believe that it's been over a decade - 2010, in fact, that the world was first introduced to Antoine Dodson and the video that made him famous (see the original newscast here). So, what has he been doing since then and where is he now? Turns out that Antoine's been busy -  has proven to be quite the enterpriser - and the world hasn't heard the last of the scarf wearing homeboy from Huntsville, Alabama.

Humble Beginnings
According to Wikipedia, "Antoine Dodson is the oldest of nine children. Dodson grew up in Chicago, and moved to Huntsville in 2004, where he attended Virginia College, working on an associate degree in business administration. He also worked as a hairstylist." In 2010, Dodson was living with his mother and sister in Huntsville's Lincoln Park Housing Projects. I'm sure Dodson and his family never dreamed that their lives would change forever from the dramatic events that would soon happen to them while living there.

Overnight Fame from a Horrible Event
In July 28, 2010, a news reporter from local WAFF-48 News was sent to cover a story about an alleged rapist who had climbed through Antoine's sister's second story bedroom window to assault her. Like any good brother, Antoine came to his sister's rescue and defended her from the intruder. The WAFF-48 reporter, Elizabeth Gentle, covered the story along with an interview of Antoine Dodson that would soon spread like wildfire through the internet. Antoine's advice to " hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause they rapin' err'body out here" became the biggest thing to come out of Huntsville since the Space and Rocket Center. Antoine's interview that day had racked up over 16 million views by the time he was interviewed a month later on The Today Show (see the interview here)

The Remixes
One of the biggest boosts for Antoine Dodson came in the form of "remixes" that electronically auto-tuned Dobson's interview into music - and some made it BIG. The Gregory Brothers made a remix and video just two days after the original newscast went viral. Their version, "The Bed Intruder Song," exploded online and iTunes purchases soared (see it here ).  According to NPR, "The Bed Intruder Song" reached number 3 on the ITunes chart for R&B singles (read here). That's huge. Plus, there were dozens of spin offs from the original remix.  Paramore's lead singer, Haley Williams even did a punk rock version with several other well known musicians (listen here).

Movin' Out
Even with all the sudden fame, Antoine and his family were still living in the Lincoln Park Projects. In his interview on The Today Show (watch here), Antoine spoke about the irony of having "a hit on iTunes, but we're still in the projects." That wouldn't be much longer, however. Dodson was no fool and made the most of his overnight success. A month later, he told Parade Magazine (read it here) that "The Bed Intruder song is my ticket out of the projects." Dodson had also created a website to help his family raise money - but "The Bed Intruder Song," as Dodson said, was "a golden opportunity."

Making the Most of His Fame
Dodson quickly began selling T-shirts and merchandise through featuring the original artwork from the Gregory Brothers Remix "The Bed Intruder Song." He also gave interviews all over the world and expanded his merchandise way beyond the T-shirt business. After a dispute over the artwork on his remix merchadise, he opened a store with unrelated merchandise on He also authorized an offical Halloween costume for 2010 and endorsed an app for smartphones known as a "Sex Offender Tracker." He was featured on a commercial in 2010 for Tosh.0, and got to perform "The Bed Intruder Song" live on the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards with one of the Gregory Brothers (see his performance here). He was interviewed by George Lopez on Lopez Tonight (see it here), featured on an episode of The Cleveland Show and had a cameo at the end of Tyler Perry's "A Madea Christmas" (see his interview about the cameo here by Hiphollywood). Was he done? Nope, not Antione. In 2011, Dodson filmed a pilot episode for a reality show about moving his family to Los Angeles, as reported by MSN. Apparently, the reality show never took off, but Dodson still was not ready to disappear. After all, he had the most viewed video on YouTube in 2010.
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Since Then...
So what has Antoine been up to since his overnight fame that carried him from Huntsville to Los Angeles and all over the world back in 2010 to 2012? First, he moved himself and  family back to Huntsville. An article by Essense in 2020 said "the shadiness of Hollywood proved too much for him, so he headed back home."  Antoine also says he wants to give back to the community and has since earned his license to be a substitute teacher in Huntsville School System where several of his nieces and nephews attend.

Digital Ventures
Antoine is still capitalizing off of his internet fame. According to the website NFT Evening, "An NFT version of the famous Bed Intruder Song meme has sold to @richerd for just over 6 ETH on the Foundation NFT Marketplace. The price of that at the time of writing is currently $17,000." The website went on to say "This NFT is a 1/1, so is the only version that will exist. Notably, on Foundation earnings can be split, in this case, 30% went to the Gregory Brothers, 40% to Antoine Dodson and 30% to another unnamed wallet." (See the full article here)
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Hide Yo Beer
Yet one more trick Antoine has up his sleeve - or maybe I should say: under his bandana. According to TMZ, "Antoine partnered with his local craft brewer, Straight to Ale Brewery, to come up with an American Lager called "Run N Tell That" ... it's being released Sept. 24 at a huge party, and we're told AD will be filming a commercial. The craft brewery is in Antoine's hometown of Huntsville, AL and we're told one of Antoine's friends set up the partnership. Remember ... Antoine closed out his hilarious "hide yo kids, hide yo wife" interview by issuing this warning to an alleged rapist, "run and tell that" ... and now the phrase is on the beer can artwork, along with a drawing of Antoine in the same outfit from his TV spot." (See the full TMZ article here). On his Facebook page, Antoine says "his beer will be in every store in the country." If anyone can accomplish that, it's Antoine Dodson - and we here in the Tennessee Valley wish him all the success he can manage to achieve. 

(Note: According to a video on his YouTube channel (here), Antoine lost his mother last year. Our deepest condolences go out to the family.) 

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