10 Crazy Things People Have Asked Me On Facebook Marketplace

April Killian

If you've ever tried selling locally on Facebook Marketplace, then you probably already know that you get some crazy questions from time to time. I've kept a list of some of my personal best. Here is my Top 10 crazy questions people have asked me while selling locally on Marketplace:

1. I have to drive two hours to get there. Will you give me a discount to help me pay for my gas?

Okay, I ALWAYS give my location on my listings - so this person KNEW they were in for a two hour drive when they offered to buy the item! I've gotten this "gas discount for distance" question a lot over the years. The question I always want to ask in return but rarely do: "Does Walmart pay for your gas to go shop there?" I actually asked that question to one customer - it had been a long day. Of course, I got the proverbial "deer in the headlights" look of shock and confusion. I don't think he understood the comparison.

2. Will you take $10 for it and can you meet me an hour away?
Are you kidding me? Although I never have and never will, I've certainly been tempted to say: "Sure! It will only cost me $9.99 in gas to drive that far to meet - but, by God, I'm gonna make that 1 cent in earnings! What time do you want me there?" I don't think that a lot of people think about factoring in MY gas cost...ever.

3. Will it fit in my car?
I don't know this person. I have never seen their car. How could I possibly know?

4. Will you hold it till my cousin pays me back what he owes me?
Yes, someone actually asked this. I can't even...

5. Can I pick it up Wednesday and then come back and pay you Friday?
I wonder how quickly they would have blocked me if I had done this???

6. Can you give me something for free along with my item since I live out of town?
There again, the gas factor. What makes people think I should pay for their gas or give an item of equivalent value just to help them get here for pickup? I'll never figure that one out. Although I do take offers and give great discounts whenever I can, I still have to make money. I have cats to feed, by golly!

7. Will it fit me?
I don't know this person. I have never seen this person. I have no idea what size they wear.

8. Do you think it will match my living room?
Again, don't know this person and have never been in this person's house. I'm starting to wonder if people expect me to be psychic at this point....

9. Is it real?
I actually get this question a lot on vintage items and collectibles. It's really not a crazy question and I don't blame them for asking - but when asked, "Is it real?" I've always been tempted to say, "No, it's imaginary."

10. A hundred dollars??!! I just saw one at a yard sale for $10. Will you take $10 for yours?
I have actually replied: I'm not Wal-Mart, I don't match prices. My best advice to you would be to run like heck back to that yard sale! And while you're at it, ask if they have another that I can buy to resell at a profit! (This was an item that normally sold for around $200 retail).

So there's my list of crazy things people have asked me while selling locally on Marketplace - not including the ones just a little too crazy to list. Like the ones from the foot fetish dudes when I'm selling shoes. Yep, they're out there ladies...beware! Actually, that topic could probably be a whole other list......

Athough some of my customer's questions were a little crazy, most of them went on to buy the item, we met for pickup, and they were wonderful people - as are all my customers. As a buyer on marketplace, I'm sure I have asked some questions that would make someone else's list, too! We all do that. That's part of the charm and uniqueness of selling locally on marketplace, actually, and I love it!

Do you sell locally on marketplace or another platform? Can you relate? Do you have your own experience or "crazy question" to add to the list? Leave it in the comments - I would love to hear it!

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