8 trending hobbies during the pandemic

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Even though many states seem to be lifting stay at home orders and mask requirements we are still in the covid pandemic. Most people still have not been vaccinated for covid; therefore the spread of covid is still a risk. Unfortunately that mean that social distancing is still necessary. For many of us social distancing just means being bored out of our mind with a bad case of cabin fever. Due to the rise in boredom lots of people have begun to taking on new hobbies to past the time during social distancing. Here are 8 hobbies that are trending during the pandemic that you may want to take on.

1. Baking

Do you remember when the pandemic first started and all the grocery stores where out of flour? Well the reason the four shortage happened is that everyone decided that they where going to bake their own bread. Sourdough bread recipes, cupcakes, cookies and banana bread where all trending on both tic toc and youtube. Baking is a wonderful hobby because it increases your culinary skills. We all have to eat to live so getting better at what you can cook is always a win. Baking also provides an outlet for your creativity. It's a wonderful skill to take on during the pandemic and your family will enjoy all the new options available in the kitchen.

2. Arts and crafts

One of the few good things about the pandemic is the importance of arts and crafting is on the rise. Social media platforms such as Pinterest has been inspiring it's users to use their creativity to paint and create works of art at home during the pandemic. Many people are decorating their homes with their very own designs and others are starting small businesses selling their craft for profit to help their families. Arts and crafts are a great hobby because it's a cheap and easy way to express your creativity. Most people use items they already have at home and recycle or upcycle things they may have thought once to dispose of. Arts and craft help people become more inventive and resourceful while also relieving stress by just enjoying yourself.

3. Learning a new language

Learning a new language is an awesome hobby to take on during the pandemic because at some point the pandemic will end. When it does finally come to a full end knowing a new language will prove to be very beneficial. Some jobs and careers will give you an increase in pay for knowing a new language. It will also feel pretty amazing to take an exotic vacation after the pandemic has ended and be able to communicate with the natives in another land. Most people don't usually have time to learn a language. If you use your idle time to learn a new language during the pandemic it will both enrich your mind and your broaden your experiences in the world.

4. Tie dying

Tie dying used to be a trend of the 1990s and now its a trend of 2021. People are tie dying everything from their dogs clothes to their wedding dresses. Tie dying is a great hobby because it allows you to give new life to old clothing you may have stopped wearing or found no use for. You can tie dye with just some rubber bands and bleach or you can buy fabric dyes. Both are pretty reasonable and won't break the bank during a time when we should be holding on to our money There are many DIY videos on YouTube showing how to do it if you feel this is a hobby that you will enjoy. Please don't forget to be safe . Make sue to use gloves and not mix chemicals and cleaners.

5. Bing watch movies

I didn't consider watching movies a hobbies , but things have changed in today's age. Due to social distancing many people have combined movies with zoom and other apps that allow people to watch movies together. Bing watching movies online has become something like a book club but for movies. Many people make groups to watch movies with strangers that soon become friends. They talk about their personal perspectives of the movies they watched together and have trivia parties. It's a great option for those that may live alone or maybe if you just want someone to watch a movie with someone.

6. gardening

Gardening is a very stress free and peaceful hobby. Working in the garden reduces the stress hormone cortisol even more than reading a book. Just sitting in a garden or nature is beneficial for eliminating stress. For those that love nature the biggest reward in gardening is watching something that you have nurtured grow. Gardening also teaches patience. We can all use a bit more patience waiting out this pandemic. Many people have started gardening during the pandemic from just roots and scraps from their kitchen so it does not have to be an expensive hobby.

7. fermenting vegetables or making wines and beers.

Lots of people flocked to making their own beers, wines and fermenting vegetables during the pandemic. For the fermented beverages it was sparked by the sale out of beer and wine in many places. The fermentation of vegetables became popular because people started getting serious about their health to avoid getting sick. Fermenting vegetables also allowed people to store more food away . Fermentation is a great hobby because it provides nutrient rich food that last for long periods of time. It also a very easy process. Most fermention processes are started with either water or sugar base. However the use of fruit and vegetables can become expensive over time.

8. Dancing

Dancing has become the most preferred way to exercise during the pandemic. Tic-toc has made dancing even more mainstream than it was among all age groups. Dancing is a great hobby. Dancing increases your physical and mental health. It increases your flexibility and improve posture . It will help to lift your mood to a positive place when you feel down and it eases anxiety. It's also a very fun activity that increases aerobic power and strength. Dancing can reduce pain and stiffness accumulated during social distancing from being ccramped up in the house.

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