How to make new friends as an adult

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Making a new friend was so much easier when we were children. Most of us found our best friends from play dates our parents would set up for us or through grade school. By the time we are in our mid 30s most of the friendships we had in school fall off. Now as adults many of us are too occupied with our careers and or family life that we have left no time available to make new friends. Despite being too busy to make new friends most of us dream of opportunities to meet new like minded people that we can connect with. Here are 5 ways to make new friends as an adult and find the companionship you may have been longing for.

1. Join a meet up group doing something you are passionate about.

If you love to paint , read horror novels, craft or garden find a meet up group doing something you are passionate about with others that love what you love. The easiest way to make new friends is finding people that have the same passions that you have. It's much easier to start conversations with new people if you already have something to talk about. Sharing your thoughts and personal experiences with other people will help you build new relationships. It will also give you the opportunity to further explore your interests and learn new skills you may not have explored before. You can find meet up groups online and simply join and plan to be present for the next meet up. Keep in mind that you are attending your new meet up group to meet new people. Try to avoid finding the nearest corner to retreat to alone if you are an introverted personality. Keep an open mind and open heart to let people know you are open to conversation and just allow the magic to happen like when you where a kid.

2. reconnect with your old friends .

If you find it difficult to make new friends as an adult try reconnecting with the old friends. Sometimes we don't stop being friends with people we know and love. A lot of times life just happens and we lose touch and connection to people we used to be close to. If you have lost touch with your old friends try to reach out again and catch up. Social media platforms are a great tool to use to catch back up with old friends. Social media allows you to see what's going on with your old friend before you approach them. You can find out if they still live close to home or if they live to far to maintain a relationship. Most importantly you can find out if their current lifestyle can fit with yours. It's a great way expecially for those of us who are introverts to connect because social media communication is much easier than face to face communication. If you are a bit skeptical about reconnecting with someone that you used to know take things slow at first. You can use social media to test out the potential of the relationship. Another way to reconnect with old friends is through your current friends. If you have current close friends let them know that you are ready to expand your circle. As them to reintroduce you to old friends you may have had in common in the past and make those old friends new friends again.

3. Use social media to make new friends .

You can use social media to reconnect with old friends but you can also use it to find new friends. Many people only use social media to like photos and memes . Instead of just liking random photos start communicating with people that share your common instrest on social media. Some people may not reply to you but it's not at all a lost because most people will. During social distancing many people are lonely and seeking companionship. For most of us social media is the only way that we feel connected to the outside world. If you're following someone you think you could be friends with who posts like minded interest reply and engage with that person by asking questions and making comments. Tweets and responses may eventually lead to direct messages, which, in turn, could lead to future outings in person. Don't feel intimatadated by communicating with new people on social media. They are just like you and they may also be looking for new friends as well.

4. Volunteer and get involved in your community .

If you are looking to make new friends joining a cause that you care about gives you a sense of purpose and an opportunity to make new friends. It is also an awesome way to meet people who share your values and live close to you. People that volunteer in your community care about the same social issues and they have chosen to do something about it. Like you, they want to make the world a better place – and that’s a great way to start a new friendship. To find opportunities to volunteer try looking online in your local area.

5. be more open and inviting .

If you frequent the same grocery store every day or work with people you see everyday try just simply talking to them. You may have potential friends that constantly surround you put you never noticed because you are content in your own world alone. Many people don't connect with people they work with or their neighbors because they are afraid of losing their privacy. If you want to make new friends you have to be willing to be open and inviting to people so that they understand that they are welcome in your space and in your life. When you run into people show that you are open to communicating by smiling and speaking when spoken to. Take an initiative to ask people how they are and talk about current events to strike up a conversation. Pay attention to the your body language as well. Do not walk quickly away from people with your head down. It shows people that you are intentionally trying to block them out.

It's a struggle to make friends as an adult but it's possible if you really want to. All it takes is a risk to try new things and allow your personality to flow in an inviting way and you are sure to make a new friend.

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