How to hold on to hope in difficult situations

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It can sometimes feel like life is constantly trying to keep us down. We are all currently doing our best to keep our heads up through the pandemic, and as hard as it already is things sometimes feel as if they are only getting harder. The covid19 is evolving and getting stronger. Weird ice storms are suddenly occurring in areas that are not accustomed to the damages they produce. If that wasn't enough we are currently on our way to hurricane season. Everyone is still waiting for the stimulus check to be released while bills stack up and times seem to only be getting harder. Despite the difficulty we must all hold on to hope. Here are 5 ways to keep your head up and hold on to hope in difficult situations.

1. remember nothing last forever not even the hard time.

With so many difficulties our world is facing it seems as if the pressure just will not let up. Fortunately the idea that it will never stop is just an illusion. Nothing last forever. The good times won't last but luckily the bad times won't last either. Sometimes this concept feels negative when we are experiencing good times but knowing this and remembering this can be a great comfort in bad times because it's a sure thing that relief is sure to come. All things are temporary in life so that we can build ourselves through both positive and negative situations. We need both sides of the coin to learn and evolve ourselves. Whatever hardships you may be experiencing right now will eventually change because it just has to. There is no way of knowing if the changes will be bad or good, but we can try to guide them with our own positive mind. We must not give up and try our best to impact our changes for the good by trying to maintain a positive attitude. If we lose hope and become negative or down on ourselves it is sure to change whatever difficulties we are currently experiencing must worst than they already are. During difficult times hold on to the notion that this too shall pass. All you must do is hold on to your strength until it does. No matter how bad things get remember that you still possess control of the outcome by how you decide to react to your situation. Meet your hardships with strength and determination to see them work themselves out .

2. remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger .

Hardships can be extremely difficult to overcome but they are necessary to our evolution. As the saying goes , "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." For every difficulty you make it through you come out on the other side with knowledge to take better care of yourself in the future. Lessons learned from hardships often reveal our limitations, negative patterns, beliefs, and or skills we didn't see or know that we had before. What we learn from our hardships give us the chance to make new and better choices based on what truly matters to us. It changes how you act, think, and feel; and makes it possible for you to see what you can and can't do about your difficulties in the future. Experiencing hardship can be good for us. People who have pulled through hard times are happier in the long-run because they mastered their difficulties themselves. They can use what they have learned to meet goals for themselves in the future and to motivate other's to realize what can be possible for them. The most painful experiences in life may come with an eventual upside but we must be open to see the silver lining in our challenging experiences. Overcoming adversity is great character building. It shapes us into who we are and who we are destined to become. It creates the confidence we need to overcome and the learning mechanisms to deal with the things that don't go our way in life.

3. remember to focus on the good in your life.

When things are especially challenging to you hold on to hope by directing your attention to the good things you have in your life. Being grateful and living in gratitude means taking a look at what is positive around you. Try to open your eyes to everything that you can be thankful for, even if it's just the small things. A roof over your head, clean running water, food in your belly, and a family who loves and support you is all wonderful things to be grateful for. Gratitude helps us get rid of toxic and negative emotions by connecting us in everything that's positive in our lives. When we express gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for making us feel good and happy . If you are finding it hard to stay motivated and keep your head up try very hard to write down the top 3 things you are grateful for. It may be difficult at first especially when you are not in a good mood but push yourself to live in gratitude anyway.

4. seek support from those who love you .

If you are struggling to hold on to hope look for others who love you to inspire your hope. Try to spend more quality time with your partner, friends and or family that you trust with your most deep emotions. Being around and with people who love us reminds us that we are not alone in the world when we are feeling down and losing hope. We can talk about our feelings with those we love and they can give us positive advice or share their experiences to help us with our own experiences of the world around us. When you are with those you love allow them to comfort you and hold you. There is nothing more healing and inspiring than a hug or any kind of physical connection between people that care for one another. If you do not have anyone around you try to connect more with those you know and trust that are away from you or find a professional therapist or counselor. Even the most independent people of all come to discover that we all need human interaction to feel more comfortable and complete. Do not be afraid to come together with people that love you when you are having a difficult time in your life . Some of us worry that we will cause those we love to worry if we express our feelings. The truth is we all worry about ourselves and those we love. If we come together and discuss it we can share the load and lighten the burden for the whole team. That is what family and friends are for.

5. accept what you can't change and focus on what you can change.

It's unfortunate but we can't change the weather, how other people feel or behave towards us or change the past. Push all the things that you can't control out of the way and move your attention to what you can change. When we spend too much time worrying about what we can't change and wishing things were different it doesn't help us at all. All it does is pull us down into feeling helpless. Just accept that the situation is unfair and tough but remember you are tough as well and built for these challenges. On days when you don't feel so tough try to take control of your situation by focusing on what you can change. You can change your level of stress by taking better care of yourself. Come up with a a plan to cope with your difficult feelings by nurturing yourself and building your resilience. If you try eating healthy, getting a bit of exercise, and getting more rest you will be more equipped to handled hard times. Just by taking better care of yourself you can ease your discomfort and think more clearly to approach a solution to your problems.

These solutions will prove to be easier said than done but stay optimistic. Do not allow the challenges of today to make you lose hope for tomorrow. Each day is a new opportunity to change and each moment is a new opportunity for growth in a positive direction.

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