8 Hobbies to alleviate stress during the pandemic

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Since the beginning of 2020 the covid pandemic has been a consistent challenge in all of our lives. For those of us that don't work on the front line many of us were either laid off or we moved to a work at home position. All of our kids are now taking classes at home or in social distancing much smaller classes than before. Due to these changes many of us spend alot of idle time at home now. We have already binge watched all of the good things on streaming services and the news just frustrates us and stresses us out. Some people are experiencing spikes in their anxiety and unfortunately some us have fallen victim to depression. In times like these it's important to find ways to stimulate our mind and find something to do that gives us purpose and hope again. Here are 8 hobbies that you can take on during the pandemic to alleviate stress.

1. Hiking and camping

Hiking and camping is one of the best options to eliminate stress in the pandemic because it's still an option available to us during social distancing. Hiking will allow you and your family to be away from everyone while you go on an adventure together. Being outside in nature with fresh air will boost your energy, boost your immune system, and reduce stress for you to be happier. It's also a great way to exercise if you are not the gym or work out type. There are many price ranges and levels of camping to try out. Primitive camping is by far the cheapest but does not come with electricity or a regulated water source. Primitive camping is recommended for those with advanced camping skills. Tent camping is the most common and most efficient option for everyone. It's is available at most state parks and outdoor recreation areas and won't break the bank. For those of you that like more of a hotel in the woods kind of feel there are many glamping options available as well. Glamping is camping at a log cabin or remote location that provides all the amenities that a hotel would provide.

2. Crafting or painting

Many people have taken to crafting during the pandemic because it takes their mind off of all the crazy things going on in the world right now.
It's also healthy for us to be creative because it calms us down and gives us a sense of enjoyment to just create something freely for ourselves. If you have issues finding a crafting project Tic toc and Pinterest has many options available to inspire you .
Some people have even turn their crafting into away to make extra money. Sewing has been a very helpful crafting skill that has contributed to suppressing the spread of covid and created a profit people. Many others break into crafting projects by improving their homes. If you are over your decor or the color of your walls change it yourself. If you loved drawing , painting or coloring at one time in your life try picking it up again just for fun. You will most definitely not regret it and may find that you actually enjoy yourself.

3. Reading

Reading is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and despite all other forms of entertainment that came after it there is still no replacement for the experience. Reading allows you to slip into a book entirely from your imagination. It's like a movie but better because it's up to you to direct the vision of the story in your mind. Reading can be so comforting because it feels like a vacation else where. Try picking up a classic novel. Or if you aren't into that kind of heavy reading try a comic book or a book of short stories. Just whatever you will truly enjoy and really get into. Reading is also something you can share with your spouse and children to create a since of togetherness during these difficult times.

4. Fish keeping

Some people think of keeping an aquarium of fish as a pet but they would be wrong. Fish keeping is actually a hobby. The reason that fish keeping is considered a hobby and not just a pet is because fish keeping requires a set of skills to maintain healthy fish. Fish keeping skills is not a general skill that most people have. It requires understanding ph levels and constantly balancing the composition of your fishes water. Fish keeping is both a comforting and peaceful experience for the most part but it can also be rewarding. It's really enjoyable to raise fish after they have babies and just watch the evolution of your fish community thrive. Fish have lots of personality and shows a range of behavior that's instresting when observed. It's a bigger responsibility than having a cat but not as dependent as having a dog would be.

5. Photography

Photography has taken off in new and instresting ways since the start of the pandemic. Since the world is a bit quiet now it's easier to get photos of nature and wild animals. If you aren't into that kind of photography than find a type of photography that you do like and share your talent on social media. Many people are turning a profit during the pandemic by selling their photos to brands or by employment of influencers. Photography can be a peaceful way to take in the world around you and see the beauty of it from frame to frame.

6. Knitting

No longer is knitting just the skills of your grandmother. Today knitting has taken off on social media. New age knitters are knitting everything from sexy dresses to bikinis in fun fashionable colors and styles. Knitting is a great hobby during the pandemic because it passes the time and yields a wonderful reward of new clothes or accessories. If you are instrerested in learning to knit I recommend you check out tutorials on YouTube to get started.

7. Journaling

Journaling is a peaceful and personally enlightening hobby. It's great for the pandemic because journaling helps us balance our emotions and see ourselves properly. It creates mindfulness and helps us remain present while keeping perspective. It also provides an opportunity for emotional catharsis . If you would like to keep a journal just remember it's a place to be truly honest with yourself and that is the only rule. You can add photography to it, or draw pictures and basically do whatever you want. It's a very healthy hobby that will help you manage your emotions and maintain your strength in these challenging times.

8. Yoga or any other physical activity

Yoga, Tai chi, and karate provides strength, flexibility and mindfulness. You can still find outdoor groups to join to partisapate with others for these hobbies. It's a great way to make friends as well as a healthy way to keep your mind clear. You can also do it at home before or after a work day to keep your mind and body strong. If you are having issues finding classes look online to find virtual yoga or you may be able to find a yoga zoom group in Facebook or meet up.

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