How to make the most out of Valentines day during social distancing

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Valentines day is soon approaching and instead of being excited about it most of us are already over it. Holidays have lost their nostalgia because we can't be around many people we care about during the pandemic. During this past Thanksgiving and Christmas instead of our homes being packed with family and friends we spent it with our personal quarantined group we have been with all last year. The world has become so desperate for social interaction that many people are experiencing spikes in anxiety and depression. Despite this pandemic being so difficult to cope with we must preserve and keep our spirits up. Here are 5 ways to make the most out of Valentines day during social distancing.

1. Make Valentines day about you with self love.

It doesn't matter if you are single or not self love is the best love. When we love ourselves we take better care of ourselves, and set the stage to teach others that we are worthy of being treated properly. If you are going to be alone or just lonely this Valentines day don't let it get you down. Lift yourself up and have some self compassion. You have made it this far through this pandemic holding yourself together the best way you can. It's time to celebrate yourself and your efforts the way you would celebrate for someone else. A lot of us ignore our efforts and perseverance through difficulties because we believe we are just expected to make it through. The truth is not everyone does just make it through. Many people have fallen through the cracks during these challenging times. If you are feeling down right now or if you are just severely frustrated put extra time into your self care. Take a long bath and light some candles and just relax after a hard day. If you have not shaved your legs in months or deep moisturized your hair now is the time. After you get out of your tub have a special meal for yourself of quality. Order in or make a meal worthy enough that you would make to impress someone you love, but this time that someone is you. Also don't forget that self love is more than what you can do for yourself physically to feel good. Increase your self esteem and hope by investing in personal counseling or reading material to keep you inspired and positive about your life.

2. Celebrate yourself !

Valentines day is about all forms of love. Celebrate loving yourself by getting yourself a box of chocolate and send yourself flowers.
Too often we wait to be celebrated by others as if the relationship we have with ourselves is not the most important relationship of all. We have to take better care of ourselves because life is difficult and we have to be mentally strong to make it through. You have to live with yourself and when you are unhappy dealing with self depreciating thoughts can lead to depression. Depression can be so crippling that it takes from us our ability to experience happiness and our will to live. You must make more time to be kind to yourself and celebrate yourself to keep your mind sharp and your spirits high. The better you are to yourself the better you will feel about yourself. There are many times in life that we may not have other's there to support us and motivate us to feel good. During those times the responsibility lies with in us to sustain ourselves.

3. Look good just for you.

If they ask you who you are trying to impress just proudly proclaim myself! When you know you are looking good it inspires you to feel good as well. It's just a temporary fix but when you want to feel better it helps to look the part. Dress yourself up for Valentines Day . During the pandemic many of us now work from home and spend all day in sweat pants and un combed hair. Go out and get a new hair style or style your own hair. Put on something that makes you feel handsome or beautiful but powerful! Take a look in the mirror and own your sexy. If you want take photos of yourself or have a fun photo shoot with people in your home quarantined group. The intention is to remind yourself that just because the world is quite and there isn't alot of places to go you are your own party. Excitement doesn't come from a party, excitement is the energy you bring to your life that creates a party. You can build positive energy by looking good for yourself. It will help you feel more hopeful and the energy you generate will lighten the load and support you through these trying times.

4. Connect with other that you love online to beat the loneliness.

If you have some awesome friends or family you haven't seen in a while connect with them online. Maintaining your relationship with people that are important to you is what Valentines day is all about. If you are feeling bored or lonely plan a zoom party with your friends and family. Another more intimate thing you can do is send out physical Valentines day cards in the mail or hand written letters to feel connected to the people you care about. It's a bit old fashioned but nothing evokes beautiful feelings and nostalgia like a hand written letter. If you don't have a family or close friends try finding a pen pal. There are many social media websites dedicated to finding someone to talk to or chat with. The point is to stay connected to the outside world and maintain a connection with the people we can't be close to right now.

5. Cherish your quarantined group.

You may be so bored with your quarantined group by now, but if you have one you are blessed. There are many people during this pandemic who are standing up against this storm alone. Do not take your quarantined group for granted. Try switching things up with them to create excitement for everyone in your household. In my home Valentines day has always been an event that I celebrate with both my husband and my children. Make a special meal for your family or friend quarantined group to share while watching a movie. If you have children get them excited by having them help you make deserts in the kitchen or create a Valentines day game or activity for them. You can check Pinterest for ideas to get your children involved.

Valentines day will more than likely not be what it was before the pandemic, but we must continue to try and make the best of what we have. Life has changed for us temporarily in some ways, but we must continue to live in gratitude for what we still have and who's still with us. As well as take good care of ourselves to prepare for a brighter future.

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