8 signs that your partner is cheating

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It's unfortunate but according to the infidelity statistics, about 40% of unmarried relationships and 25% of marriages see at least one incident of infidelity. In an issue of Marriage and Divorce journal it’s stated that 70% of all Americans engage in some kind of affair sometime during their marital life. Here are 8 signs to watch out for if you suspect your partner may be cheating on you.

1.Your intuition is telling you .

Do not ignore your intuition. Usually when we have a feeling in our gut that something is wrong we are more than likely right. If you just get a feeling that your partner is unfaithful it may be true. Most people that discover that their partner is cheating on them are not surprised when they find out. They had an inkling that something was wrong before there were any signs presented to them. When you have built a connection with someone your intuition will pick up lots of information about them. If your partner has formed a bond outside of your relationship the stronger the connection is with their 3rd party the better the chances are that you will feel a shift in your relationship. Cheating that does not have an emotional connection is less likely suspected. Follow your instincts if get a feeling that your partner is cheating on you .

2. Your partner becomes overly guarded about their privacy in ways that they weren't before.

Has your partner started taking their phone with them in the bathroom every time they go, or getting up and walking away every time they get a phone call or text? If so this is red flag behavior you must not ignore. One of the most obvious signs of a cheating partner is sudden changes to their privacy . If your partner is behaving like they have something to hide it's probably because they do.

3. your partner's style and personal care has suddenly changed.

If your partner's style begins to change in ways you have not inspired, and suddenly they are concerned about looking good in their under clothing like buying expensive underwear or lingerie this is a bad sign. If you haven't inspired these new changes it's likely that someone else has. When someone starts cheating they may began to try to accommodate their 3rd party by trying to impress them or conform to the standards of them. Be sure first that your partner is not doing these things for you. If your partner is strutting their stuff in front of you to get you to notice them, or asking your advice to improve their style it may be all for you and their personal self esteem. You will know based on how they try to incorporate you into their changes if it's for you.

4. Your partner suddenly becomes very critical of you.

If your partner has both changed in ways you have not inspired, and now has started critizing you the probability that they are cheating is very high. Your partner may have loved your extra weight, short hairstyle, and clothing style at first. Now suddenly they are concerned about your weight, wanting you to grow out your hair and wear something that shows more skin. This behavior may be because they are now comparing you to their new person or worst trying to make you into their new person. If this is so even before you find out if they are cheating on you it may be in your best interest to move on from the relationship. Do not allow anyone to influence you to feel uncomfortable or unattractive by just being yourself. Who you are used to work for them and if it doesn't work anymore it has nothing to do with you.

5. Your partner starts spending a lot of time away from you.

If your partner used to spend a lot of time with you and suddenly they are always away from you without any significant career or job changes they may be being unfaithful.
You partner may be spending those weekends they claim to be working with someone else. People that cheat find it difficult to try and manage the time between their partner and their 3rd party. Eventually one of the relationship will suffer and in most cases its the relationship they are supposed to be committed to. The most common excuse they will use to steal away from their relationship is work.

6. They start giving you whatever you want materially to replace them not being around.

If your partner is always away from you probably cheating they will try to distract you from suspecting what they are doing by buying you gifts or giving you money. If your partner wasn't as generous before they started spending time away from you this is another sign they are cheating on you. Do not allow someone to distract you from their bad behavior with gifts and money. You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you and only you. Gifts and money does not replace what is needed in any relationship.

7. They always want to know where you are and where your going to be even though they won't be there with you.

If your partner is always away from you but is obsessed with where you are it's because they are trying to avoid getting caught cheating. If they know where you are they can properly plan their secret rendezvous with their 3rd party. In some cases your partner may behave this way and become paranoid that you are cheating just because they are cheating. If your partner is showing all of these previous signs and begins to accuse you of cheating it can be a sign as well that they are. If they believe you are cheating they will also be hyper vigilant of your behavior and whereabouts.

8. your sex life suddenly changes.

If your partner is cheating your sex life with them may begin to change. Your partner may began to avoid sex with you and use excuses like they are tired or have a headache. However, in some cases your sex life may increase but the way your partner connects with you may change. Your partner may now want to do things they have never requested before or they may just seem very different like a new person sexually. It will depend on what kind of 3rd party relationship they are having. If it's just sex their sex drive and sexual desire may increase. If they are falling in love with someone else it is likely the sex will decrease with you out of loyalty they are forming with someone else.

If you experience any of these signs follow the clues to find out for sure what may be going on with your partner. For those of us who have already been cheated on before there is a chance that our past hurts can cause us to be paranoid. If that is the case either seek help with a therapist to overcome your irrational worries, or properly communicate with your partner to move past your past pain. However if you are not just paranoid and all the clues have lined up either confront your partner or move on from the relationship to find a partner who can be loyal to you .

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