Signs that your partner wants out of the relationship

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There are times that it is obvious that a relationship is about to end. Both parties may show signs that they are no longer happy together, or one party may betray the relationship by making unforgiving actions against the union. Unfortunately sometimes a relationship can end and one of the people had no clue that their partner was unhappy to begin with. For people that do not see the signs of their relationship about to end it can be a devastating shock to both their heart and ego. To avoid a surprise these are 7 signs that your partner wants to end the relationship.

1. They behaves as if they are already single with people they are attracted to.

Watch them when they interact with obviously attractive strangers and give them space to feel confident that you don't see them. They may become more chatty and smiley than usual while mantaining direct eye contact with someone they are attracted to. You also want to pay attention to the personal space they create with others. Does your husband let other women sat on his lap or play with his hair? Does you Wife or girlfriend allow other men to grab her by the waist or dance on her? This is the behavior of someone who wants to appear available. If you pay close attention to a partner that's contemplating leaving you will see suddle signs that they may have put themselves back on the dating market. In many case if your partner is already behaving this way it is very likely as well that they have either been unfaithful or will be unfaithful in the near future.

2. They start to hide you.

Whatever happened to that photo of the both of you they used as a wallpaper in their phone? Is that wedding or promise ring really missing? If you begin to notice that traces of you that are significant to your relationship with your partner have gone missing this is a red flag. It may mean that your partner is hiding physical evidence that you exist as an important part of their life. They may do this to appear single for potential future love intrest, or to let people know that their relationship with you is not serious. Another sign that usually comes with this behavior is they may avoid taking you around their family and friends. People start behaving this way when they are intending to end the relationship and want to ease the transition from relationship to single. Getting you out of sight is a strategy for them and those who know you are together to get used to you being apart .

3. They start to avoid being alone with you and people you care about.

Have you noticed that your partner seems to never want to spend quality time together anymore?
Anytime someone is ready to move out of a relationship they may feel awkward alone with you because they don't want to emotionally mislead you. They may begin canceling or shortening the time you spend together to avoid a connection. They will also avoid your friends and family as well. The reason why is because your friends and family are likely to take notice to this new behavior before you do. Your partner obviously hasn't told you their plans and most definitely doesn't want to create friction and arguments for a relationship they plan to exist in the first place.

4. They don't have the passion to even argue with you anymore.

Arguments are healthy in a relationship because they signify that both parties want to be heard and come to a solution. If your partner reacts indifferent when you have a misunderstanding it's because they are already over you. They may even take your side in arguments or say things to reach an end like, "well if I'm that bad why are you with me"? They might do this to get you to break it off with them so they can avoid the responsibility of having to end the relationship themselves. Always remember people fight to stay together because there is no reason to fight when you have already chosen to be apart.

5. The sex has stopped or slowed down dramatically.

No passion for fighting usually means no physical passion either. If someone doesn't want to be with you anymore it's likely they don't feel a sexual attraction to you either. If your partner is no longer affectionate to you or feel sexually motivated towards you they are no longer invested in the relationship. Sex will feel like a chore to them and if they don't find a reason to get out of it they won't put much effort into it either. Observe how your partner interacts with you to be sure that the passion and sexual attraction is reciprocated.

6. when you spend time apart they don't miss you.

A partner that is over the relationship will encourage your independence. They will not care how long you will be away with your friends or if you have to work out of town. In their mind they are hoping the distance between you will make it easier for them to leave or hoping you will leave them instead. When someone wants to be with you they crave to be together even if they can be comfortable apart they still will miss you. If your partner doesn't miss you it's because they do not value the relationship anymore.

7. They no longer make you a priority.

There may have been a time when your partner would plan their schedule around yours or simply pick you up a soda when they got one for themselves. If your partner no longer accommodates you it might be because they don't see you as part of their future. It's instinctive for people who have chosen an alternate option to start behaving like it unknowingly. Those little things that change over time are drop dead giveaways that your partner may no longer be invested.

If your partner is showing many of these signs it may be time for you reevaluate your relationship to see if you still have much of a relationship at all. Sometimes partners will avoid just being honest with you because they are waiting to build up the confidence to end the relationship. I advise you not to wait around for someone to be honest with you. Pay attention to what you observe and if you are no longer getting your needs meet to consider your relationship valuable then you end it yourself. It's unfair to you to allow someone to drag you along because they fear taking personal responsibility.

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