5 types people you need to avoid when you are working to improve yourself

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As we grow up and face obstacles and periods of stagnation in our life we began to question our past behaviors and wish to improve. Sometimes those improvements are hard. We may struggle under the weight of expectations from others that are not comfortable with positive changes we wish to make for ourselves. Even though we may feel challenged we must push through and preserve to become what we wish to be for our best futures. These are 5 types of people we need to avoid when we are working on building a better version of ourselves.

1. People that are very critical of others

Do you have friends or family that always undermine your value or achievements? You make recognize these kinds of people by the way they are always criticizing others. These people talk about everyone badly. They usually do this because they have a very negative view of the world. This person thinks negatively because they are unhappy and bitter in their own life. They are uncomfortable with the success of other's so they say mean things to put everyone in their same negative frequency. It's seldom if ever you hear a word of kindness from them because they are stuck in their toxic behaviors. You should stay away from people like this because they only wish to bring you down. Deciding to make positive changes to your own life takes a lot of will power and self control. Someone constantly criticizing you can shrink your energy and cause you to doubt yourself. Do not allow naysayers to prevent you from reaching your goals.

2. People with very dramatic and toxic lifestyles

We all have enjoyed a little bit or a lot of the wild roller coaster of those ultimately exciting attachments to people that live on the wild side. They always know how to find the wildest parties and every moment with them is an adventure. You never know how your day is going to go when you hang out with them. You may end up wondering around in the streets at 4am looking for their strange drug companions. You might end up stranded in strange places while they drag you around hunting sexual excitement. Maybe in your youth it was a great excitement to hang out with this kind of person. Now that you want to stop drinking 5 days a week and partying every weekend to focus on your career or your family these kinds of people are exhausting and only lead to trouble. Every time you are with them you begin to notice how irresponsible and reckless you behave. You stay out all night and is late for work the next morning. They may be so wild that they get you in fights in public that land you in jail. You can't hang out with this person anymore if you are trying to improve yourself because they are going to get you in trouble and you know it. You have to leave this person in the past of you intend to get better because they are simply a bad influence.

3. people that are too emotionally needy

You can recognize this person by the way they constantly bombard you with their life problems. They are never happy because they make poor decisions, but they want you to solve their problems for them and constantly motivate them to feel better. These people are emotional vampires. The relationship is one sided because everything is about them. You can hardly get a word in while they emotionally dump on you. If you try to shift the interaction with them in your direction they will pull it back on them or get disinterested in communicating with you at all. You can't hang out with this person while you make positive changes to your life because they will keep you drained. When we become emotionally drained we are unable to motivate ourselves. We will slip and be inconsistent in reaching our personal goals. The weight of the drain from these kinds of people can lead to anxiety and depression. We must value our relationships with others, but first we must take care of ourselves and our own personal needs to be healthy. You cannot make good changes to your life if you lack the energy and motivation you give to yourself.

4. People that hurt people with intention.

All of us make mistakes and sometimes unintentionally hurt people we love when we are frustrated or mad. Those kinds of things are easy to forgive and recover from, but there are those that seek to hurt you with intent to hurt you. You know those people that say things to you far below the belt when they are angry. They may spread slanderous rumors about you to try to ruin your reputation, or try to get you fired or physically hurt. These kinds of people are hard-core obsessed with seriously trying to ruin your life. In most cases these kinds of actions come from people that secretly envy you, or they want desperately to control you and when they can't they seek to destroy you .Even if you makeup with people like this you never feel comfortable with them or ever trust them again. It's better to move on from people you know you can't trust and hurt you with intention because this sort of behavior is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can cause trauma and crippling insecurities in yourself. If you allow people to be hurtful and degrading towards you it will break down your self esteem and self worth. It will feel nearly impossible for you to motivate yourself and accomplish your goals. Love yourself enough to protect yourself from those that wish to hurt you.

5. People that want to dominate and control you.

We all know controlling people. They want to tell you what career is best for you, who you should date or talk to. These kinds of people get their way be emotionally manipulating you. They will guilt trip you or play the victim if you don't do what they want you to do. The reason you need to get away from these people is because they will likely feel threatened by seeing you make changes for yourself that they don't want. Domineering individuals want you to maintain whatever role in their life that supports them. When you begin to want to make positive changes in your life you must solely make these changes for you. You don't need someone having you over compromise yourself to accommodate their ego. These kinds of people will cause you to become confused about your personal goals. You will began to doubt what you want for yourself and become unstable with your attempts to turn your life around. Don't allow people to make you feel insecure and risk dropping making positive chances.

Never forget that your life is your own and you do not exist to just satisfy and please other's. We all have our own purpose and must take our personal power and truth to pursue our purpose. Growth is always a good thing and the people that love us and support us will encourage us to become the best version of ourselves. All those who are against us choosing to drop negative and toxic behaviors from our life's are against us and possibly the growth of themselves. Many people will not be ready for the way you have changed or is changing. That signifies that you have out grown the connection you have with these individuals. It can be a lonely and hard reality, but I assure you in the future you will attract new relationship that will match your energy and the positive changes you are making.

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