7 ways to lift your holiday cheer during the pandemic

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For many people the holiday season just doesn't feel the same during the pandemic.
So many people are out of work and struggling to participate in gift buying and holiday decorations. The worst part is many of us won't even get to see our loved ones for the holidays due to social distancing orders still being in place. It's enough to make you want to skip the holidays altogether but we must not give up. The holidays are truly about how we celebrate the winter season with the people that we love. We may not be able to share it with everyone we love this season, but it should not stop us from giving it everything we got with the people we do have with us . Here are 7 ways to lift your holiday cheer and inspire hope and happiness during the pandemic.

1. Listen to Holiday music

Holiday music always has a way of inducing beautiful and nostalgic memories of the past. When you are in your car or making dinner at home turn on your favorite holiday tunes even if you really aren't in the mood for it. Music gets into us and will start us to gently rocking our heads, and then taping our feet and before we know it we are singing and dancing along with the chorus. It's difficult to hear something that reminds us of fun and special moments without smiling to ourselves. Nostalgic memories are so strong that our minds re-experience those old moments as if they are happening all over gain. When our current moments aren't as great as we would like them to be use holiday music to help you feel better. It will help you borrow memories from the past to inspire happiness in your present moment. Try to take the time to enjoy those wonderful memories so that you can lift yourself up into feeling good about the holiday season.

2. Hot comforting drinks on cold nights with a holiday movie

People often under estimate the power and influence that a good movie and a hot drink has on people. Make hot cocoa, hot cider, or spiced wine drinks for you and your loved ones. If you need ideas try pinterest or youtube to see what's trending and try a new recipe. Select a good holiday movie that you all love and watch it together under comfortable blankets or throws. The smell of the hot comforting drinks will perfume your home while the taste creates feeling of calm like a warm embrace. A light hearted funny movie will send yourself and your family to bed feeling lighter and optimistic about the holiday season.

4. Do Christmas DIY projects with your family.


(Photo taken by Antoinette Lavoisier)

If you are having difficulties getting into the holiday season then put up a Christmas tree and make ornaments with your family. Some people buy a tree from tree farms and some cut their own trees down in places where it's allowed. You can also buy artificial trees in stores or get really creative and make a tree on your wall with Christmas lights. Ornaments can be made from old small toys, fruit, popcorn, cranberries or paper. You can also try making ornaments by watching YouTube tutorials or tictok videos. You don't have to spend a lot of money if you don't want to. Just invest in creative and cheap ways to make the best of what you have. It doesn't matter what your tree looks like the point is that you spent the time and effort making something new with your family. Family projects are a wonderful way to bond with family and inspire the holiday season in all who participates.

5. Take Christmas photos with your family.


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Get dressed in matching pajamas, holiday sweaters that match, or maybe just your favorite holiday colors of the season. Getting dressed up for the holidays makes you feel better about yourself and increases the holiday spirit. While your getting ready serve hot cider or cocoa while listening to holiday tunes to make an event out of the time you spend with your family. Setup a camera or use your phone to take photos with your family to preserve the memory of this holiday season.

6. Reminisce with your family about your favorite Christmases of the past.

Now that you have your tree up, and you are all dressed up in festive clothing light some holiday scented candles . The smell will remind you of the beautiful smells of the holiday season and invoke memories of the past. Take the time to sit and laugh with your family and tell them the stories of your childhood.

How was your holiday seasons of the past different than today?

What was your favorite holiday present that you ever received and what was the worst?

What is your favorite holiday memory?

Pass all this information to your children and family so they can pass down your stories in the future.

7. Plan a holiday date night for you and your love


(Photo taken by Antoinette Lavoisier)

Dress up in something festive or sexy and go out to dinner for a wonderful festive meal or get creative and have a romantic festive meal at home. You can make a charcuterie board and have a bit of wine with a fruity desert on a blanket for a picnic in your living room. Don’t forget to put on a bit of instrumental Christmas music to set a romantic mood.

The holiday spirit comes from the enjoyment of the winter season with people that we love . It is not about gifts or decorations. The time we spend on those things are simply to remind each other that we are grateful for each other's existence in our life. We give presents to see each other happy. We put up decorations to create a mood and inspire happiness and magic. As the winter brings in cold temperatures it pushes us all to get a little closer to each other. Get in close with those you love to show them that you love them is what the holiday season is truly about.


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