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Omah Lay Brings the Popular Afrobeats Sound to New York

Antoine Maurice King, MBA, MSIT
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He goes by the name Omah Lay at the workplace. He began as a rapper before developing into an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and record producer with a following throughout Africa.

He made his breakthrough in the music industry with the song "You," which is still a favorite among fans of Afrobeats. At the 14th Headies Music Awards in 2021, he received the prestigious Next Rated Award.

Omah Lay has talked openly about leaving school six months after admission.

The "Bad Influence" singer said in an interview with Deutsche Welle's (DW) "The 77 percent" that he had to decide between continuing his education despite having trouble paying the tuition and pursuing his newfound passion for music production.

Although it wasn't an easy decision, Omah Lay said he decided to pursue his love for music creation.

"Somehow, I just loved music production so much I could let go of school for music production. I felt like maybe sometime I will come back but when I got really deep into music production, I didn't go back to school, and I didn't even have the time.
"At some point, it felt like a wrong choice, but then, things started clicking; I started making beats that I love, that wowed people.
"I started writing songs for people and people didn't believe that that was me, and I just kept doing it until I found myself in Germany right now. I'm here right now, I'm doing this interview right now."

Omah Lay, a superstar in the Nigerian hip-hop scene, made a startling admission while praising his just released first album, "Boy Alone."

Omah Lay disclosed during a discussion of his battle with chronic depression, which nearly took his life, that he had a sexual relationship with his therapist, which worsened matters.

For those that want to see this emerging star perform his latest hits, they can join his large growing fanbase at Irving Plaza in New York. He will perform Monday, September 12. The Afrobeats sound is tearing up the New York charts, so join in with the fun and experience some African culture.

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