Artificial Intelligence is Already Changing the Music Industry

Antoine Maurice King, MBA, MSIT
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Technology has impacted the way we do many things in our lives. Cell phones Spotify and Apple music technology have changed how we interact with music. Some significant changes are on the horizon for the music industry; some like it while others are less optimistic. AIVA and OpenAI, for example, have developed sophisticated automated music composition technologies, indicating that artificial intelligence may significantly influence the music business.

  • AIVA has created an automatic music soundtrack generating technology that several businesses use. Companies may avoid the tangle of music licensing, royalties, and potential litigation by using created music.
  • OpenAI has also produced two powerful models, Musenet and Jukebox, that can compose music from scratch, still in development stages.

It's hard to say, but the music business has already set the stage for automation to become culturally entrenched in many elements of both music-making and listening.

Firms are much more receptive to adopting automatically created music since it cuts both expenses and legal issues. Music license prices and lengthy music approval processes have made organizations much more open to employing automatically generated music. Music producers frequently use plugin-assisted and automated methods from chord creation to beat production.

For digital musical mixing and mastering, artificial intelligence gets applied. Spotify and other streaming services use big data to affect viewer listening habits far more than you may believe. Their algorithms can analyze new music recordings before a person responds to them.

Musiio uses artificial intelligence to assist the music business in more quickly curating tunes. Musiio intends to alleviate the load by utilizing artificial intelligence to select the "greatest" songs, drastically reducing the time spent listening to music.

No matter how you look at it, AI is changing how the music industry performs, but artistry is the most important thing to keep in mind. We can't lose the genuine good feeling of just enjoying music to technology.

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