5 Things You Need To Know In 2021: These 5 Truths Will Change Your Perspective Of 2021!

Anthony Vargas


2020 was probably the toughest year for many of us. Many lost opportunities, jobs and even loved ones. These are 5 things I need you to know this 2021

1. Your Are Not Alone. Might sound cliché but you truly arent, so many people is experiencing the same emotions that you are, whether that's anxiaty, depression, uncertainty and so much more. Do not be afraid to talk to someone if you need to vent, you might be surprised on how well they'll be able to relate.


2.You Did Amazing. So you didin't travel as much as you wanted? And you didn't get that job position you aspire to or your personal goals with your body were not fulffiled? I'm pretty sure 2020 did not go as planned but hey, we're on a global pandemic, you did the best that you could.

Don't be hard on yourself if maybe your goals for last year were not met, what's truly important right now is that you have the health to conquer them any other year.


3.You Are Where You Need To Be. Call it God or call it destiny, but I believe life has a plan for us, life has a plan for you. You are exactly where you need to be, learning what you learned this year, going through the experiences you had to go through. Accepting that you are where you need to be is not settling for less, it's understanding that this is part of your journey and embracing it.

Tomorrow your life might get that change you're so deseperatly waiting for, till then live it to the fullest with what you have today.


4.It's Ok To Try Again. Even with the pandemic going on you still tried your best to accomplish the goals you set yourslf to do last year, and probably like many of us failed to do so. It's ok yo start over, it is valid to fight for want you want, as long as you put your mind into it there's truly nothing you're not capable of. Don't drop the towel just yet, try again.


5. You Got This. May not look like it today, may actually seem like is totally the opposite but you got this! Things will eventually settle down, opportunities will knock on your door and you will soon be thriving without even noticing. This is just a pit stop, your destination witholds so much more.


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