Dry Skin During Winter? Here's The Solution! 5 Tips For Winter Skin.

Anthony Vargas


For many people (myself included) winter can really take a toll on our skin! It makes it dry, dull and even irritated at times! Here’s 5 tips to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during winter.

1. Stop Taking Hot Showers: ‘’What!? Are you crazy, is way too cold not to!’’ Yes, I know. I also know that hot water dehydrates your skin and strips away necessary oils that your skin needs to function properly. Choose lukewarm water instead and don’t overdo it, keep it short and simple.


2. Use A Thick Moisturizer: Maybe your lightweight moisturizer was working wonders for your skin during summer, but during winter the cold air pulls the moisture out of your skin, making your light moisturizer not enough to keep your skin hydrated. Go for rich creams that can help keep your skin hydrated for a longer period of time and help repair your skin's moisture barrier.


3. Exfoliate: This will help remove the dead skin cells out of your face and body, which allows your moisturizers and other creams to absorb faster and penetrate deeper, providing long lasting hydration.


4. Use Sunscreen: During winter months is natural to think that we don’t need to use sunscreen anymore, however the ice and snow both reflect UV rays directly to the skin which can cause premature aging and even cancer. Use your SPF and stay protected.


5. Drink A Lot Of Water: Lastly, remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water DAILY, because when you’re dehydrated on the inside it will most definitely show on the outside.


Let's enjoy our skin this winter with no dryness or flakiness!

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