“Urgent message. There was a strike” - Nuclear Bomb Scare Rattles Russia After Hackers Take Control of Airwaves

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Imagine the horror of a quiet night at home watching television being interrupted by the following message:

Urgent message. There was a strike. Urgently go to a shelter. Seal the premises. Use gas masks of all types.

Then the screen broadcasts a black and yellow radiation warning symbol. I imagine that you would probably be petrified.

Unfortunately that scenario just occurred in Russia. However, thankfully, it was a false alarm that had been broadcast by hackers who had gained control of the country's television and radio airwaves in the area of Western Sverdlovsk.

Following the warning, the Kremlin discredited the false alarm which urged viewers to buy potassium iodine and gas masks, and seek emergency shelter. They would release a statement saying:

A false air raid alert was broadcast in Moscow after servers of radio stations and TV channels were hacked.

To this point, no group has taken credit for the cyber attack, although authorities suspect it may have come from dissidents of Ukraine. It was the third such attack to happen in the last month. The previous false alarm had taken place in the Crimea region. Another incident occurred during Vladimir Putin's State of the Union Address.

Cyber attacks have begun to occur more frequently since the war in Ukraine began to rage. Russia continues to aggressively incur into Ukraine and weaken the resolve of the people. At the same time, the Ukrainians have continually sought ways to strike back and incite fear into the Russian population with any tool at their disposal.

One should expect both sides to continue to look for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the enemy territories as long as the hostilities continue and the war drags out in the months to come.

Despite this being a hoax, people should actively be preparing for surviving in nuclear fallout eventualities. Making plans now, while there is still time is the most sensible approach, because once a disaster starts, it will me much harder to react to, at that point.

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