A Baby Was Born Without Eyes And Given Little Chance Of Survival - Months Later The Mom Noticed A "Black Marble"

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Doctors are highly trained professionals that provide medical care and advice to patients. However, mistakes can still happen and their assumptions may not always turn out to be true. This was the case for a pregnant woman who was told by doctors that her baby had a rare genetic condition called Trisomy 13 and would not likely survive. Despite the doctor's advice, the woman decided to proceed with the pregnancy.

The baby was born with several complications, including breathing difficulties, deafness, and an untreatable condition called bilateral anophthalmia, meaning he was born without eyes. According to doctors, the baby was at risk of dying due to his condition. However, several months after the baby was born, his mother saw what appeared to be a shiny black marble behind one of his open eyelids while waiting in the doctor's office. When she asked another woman nearby if she could see it, the woman confirmed that it was an eye.

The doctors later reclassified the baby's diagnosis to microphthalmia, which means he was born with small eyes. The baby had grown eyes and had some limited vision, which came as a surprise to his parents. Despite his ongoing health struggles, including difficulty breathing and severe epilepsy, the boy is now four years old and receiving visual stimulation therapy at home and school. His parents remain optimistic that his vision will continue to improve.

The parents of the boy have a positive outlook and are grateful for their son's progress. The mother believes that this is her son's journey, and she is determined to give him as much joy as he brings to their lives. Although they would like to take away his disabilities, they accept and cherish their son for who he is. This family's story is a testament to the power of hope, positivity, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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