How One Expert Built a "useful nuclear war survival kit" and You Can Too!

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Probably not since the Cold War that followed World War 2, have tensions been so high about the possibility of a new nuclear disaster. Indeed with war raging in Ukraine, and countries like the United States and China being slowly dragged into the mix, people are rightly more fearful than in any time since the fall of the Soviet Union.

For obvious reasons, the dangers of nuclear war cannot be overstated. Such an event would cause massive destruction and loss of life. The destructive power of nuclear weapons is such that even a single bomb could level an entire city, and multiple bombs would cause devastation on an unimaginable scale.

That is why it is critical that people start to educate themselves now when it comes to proactively preparing for the worst that may occur in the future.

One such person who is taking the fear seriously is Cold War expert, Taras Young, who has written several books on what such a war might like in the United Kingdom. He has created a useful video that shows how he prepared his own survival kit using items he secured from online sources. He says:

I tried to build a basic nuclear war survival kit using only bits and pieces I could order online from UK suppliers like eBay and Amazon.

Items he considers critical to any collection include a metal entrenching kit, work tools such as a spade and saw, a signal whistle, and of course potassium iodide. He also recommends water purification tablets, emergency foil blankets, and even a radiation meter. These are generally the basics he would have ready, should disaster occur.

Soberingly though, he also notes that should war occur, the results are likely to be dire saying:

Please note - this is just a bit of fun! You almost certainly won't survive a nuclear war - even with this kit.

Nevertheless, it never hurts to be prepared. For more information on building your own nuclear survival kit, or securing one that has already been prepared, more information can be found at Safety Hunters.

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