Judge Sentences 11-Month-Old Girl To Death, Her Family Left Devastated Over The News

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Chief Judge Sandee of the Court of Appeals made a decision that went against a family's attempt to save their 11-month-old daughter's life. The judge denied the family's request for a second injunction against Cook Children’s Hospital Center's decision to withdraw the life support machine keeping the infant alive. Tinslee was born prematurely and has spent her entire life in the hospital undergoing intensive surgeries for lung disease, heart defects, and chronic pulmonary hypertension. In October, medical professionals at Cook Children's Medical Center declared Tinslee beyond saving and planned to withdraw her life support. The ruling gives the family only one week to appeal, which they plan to do with the assistance of TRL.

The death sentence handed to their daughter has left Tinslee's parents heartbroken and distraught. They were devastated by the judge's decision, feeling frustrated that anyone in the courtroom would want more time if Tinslee were their baby. Tinslee's case has captured the attention of the Attorney General, who has filed a brief in an attempt to save her life. The family is also receiving support from TRL, who is lobbying for them, including involving Republican Governor Greg Abbott. TRL has petitioned Abbott to repeal a provision of the Directives Act passed in 1999, which states that if a doctor refuses to treat a patient and gets approval from a committee and no other physician agrees to take the patient on, the hospital is only required to give ten days of life-sustaining care.

Tinslee's mother, Trinity, expressed heartbreak over the ruling and felt that the judge had said Tinslee's life was not worth living. The organization is doing all it can to lobby for the family and repeal the deadly ten-day rule. The spokesperson for the organization expressed disappointment that the ruling not only disregarded the Constitution but also sentenced an innocent baby to death like a criminal. The organization hopes that the appellate court will identify how the law violates Baby Tinslee's due process rights, revoke her death sentence, and strike down the deadly ten-day rule. The family is determined to keep fighting through an appeal to protect Tinslee's right to live, and they ask for prayers and support during this difficult time.

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