How Much is Too Much? Father of 102 Children Says "Enough is Enough"

Anthony James

Childbirth is often considered a blessing as it signifies the creation of new life and the arrival of a new family member. For many people, having children is a source of great joy and fulfillment. Childbirth can also bring families closer together and strengthen relationships. However, it is important to acknowledge that childbirth can also be physically and emotionally challenging, and not all experiences with childbirth are positive.

An expert on childbirth would have to be Musa Hasahya Kasera who claims to be the father of 102 children. His family also includes 12 wives and 578 grandkids. However, at age 68, he now admits that enough is enough. The Ugandan native who lives in the village of Busiga said:

At first it was a joke... but now this has its problems. With my health failing and merely two acres of land for such a huge family, two of my wives left because I could not afford the basics like food, education, clothing.

Kasera is unemployed at the moment and all of his wives are currently on contraceptives. Strangely though, Kasera himself does not use protection and says:

My wives are on contraceptives but I am not. I don't expect to have more children because I have learnt from my irresponsible act of producing so many children that I can't look after.

Kasera says his desire to have a large family came from the fact that he was only one of two children in his own family they encouraged to think big. He says:

Because we were born only two of us, I was advised by my brother, relatives and friends to marry many wives to produce many children to expand our family heritage.

His children currently range in age from the youngest who is 10 to the oldest who is 50. However, he has a big problem when it comes to remembering them all. He notes:

The challenge is I can only remember the name of my first and the last born but some of the children I can't recall their names. It's the mothers who help me to identify them.

Other than the abnormal size, the family operates in a fairly standard way, meeting monthly to discuss issues and settle disputes. They also work an assortment of odd jobs in the village to earn money to support the brood.

While two of his wives left him, the rest have stayed with Kasera. When asked why, he responded simply:

They all love me, you see they are happy!

What are your thoughts on such a large family? Is it truly a blessing or a curse in this case?

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