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Ready for Disaster? Meet the Female Prepper Who Has Five Years of Food on Hand and Shares How You Can Too!

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Every day seems to bring us closer to a cataclysmic end with a war raging in Ukraine and more nuclear chatter at every step. That is why it is important to be ready for anything life throws our way. Being prepared means having the necessary resources, plans, and abilities in place to effectively handle challenges, emergencies, and unexpected situations.

One female prepper named Gubba is not staying idle in these trying times. In fact, she is doing just the opposite as she has been able to amass a five-year surplus of survival foods on her 30-acre farm in Washington. Currently she has on hand an assortment of canned and freeze-dried foods, as well as ample amounts of rice and pasta.

When asked what set her on her prepping journey, Gubba pointed to the pandemic and said:

Before I was living in the city and lived on supermarket food. In the pandemic, I saw the empty shelves and saw people fighting for food and wanted to be self-sufficient. I started reading gardening books and grew a tiny little garden. Now I am mostly self-sufficient.

Gubba does all the canning of her foods in her kitchen, and heats her stove with wood. She also has her own chicken coop that produces eggs, along with a vegetable garden to grow lettuce, tomatoes, garlic and more. For fruits, she has a variety of trees that produce cherries, pears, and peaches as well as bushes for berries.

She says her three-tier system allows her to be ready for any emergency. Her plan looks like this:

Short-term storage - Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, canned or jarred goods used every day like peanut butter
Medium-term storage - Extra canned goods, boxed and freeze-dried goods
Long-term storage - Pasta, beans and rice in plastic bags, her own canned goods, extra-large cans

She also has a social media channel where she shares more tips.

While she has obviously done her share of good work to be ready, she also has a mind for her community. She says:

I have plenty of food for myself and my neighbors. I am ready for any situation.

Are you ready for any situation? If not, check out these tips on survival foods you can stock up on right now to be ready for any emergency.

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