Single Mom Thinks Her Daughter Is A Witch After She Saw Her Braiding Her Hair Alone

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on true events that I witnessed firsthand; it is used with permission.

Sometimes children do things that appear strange to adults; they become involved in things that makes you to ask silly questions. Although not all children cause stress for their parents, but if you have a stubborn child, you will understand what I mean.

Is witchcraft real? I've been asking myself this question for a long time, and I still haven't gotten any concrete answers.

My name is Julian, and I am a single mother with a beautiful daughter named Juliana. Ever since my husband abandoned me and my child, she has been my rock; she cooks, cleans, and even washes my clothes while I am at work. I adore my daughter and appreciate everything she does for me, despite the fact that she is only 16 years old.

I've known Juliana as someone who doesn't ask for help; I've tried asking her for help just to see what she'd say, but she always tells me she's fine and doesn't need it.

Juliana told me on Saturday that she wants to change her hairstyle, and I told her that I don't have any money for the saloon right now, though I promised her that I would give her money once I got paid at work, and she smiled and agreed.

I went to work and had to return earlier than expected, when I reached my house, I couldn't believe what I saw, I saw Juliana braiding her own hair by herself, something that even adults can't do.

For a long time, I've been asking myself, "What could be wrong with Juliana?" Is she a witch or not? Is she a genius? I'm loss for words; I've been asking these questions for a long time and decided to share them with you.

Do you believe my daughter possesses any spiritual power? How is she learning so quickly at such a young age? Please comment on this article and subscribe to receive more interesting updates.

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