'People Throw Stones at Me and Call Me a Monkey” - A 17 Year Old Teenager Cries Out

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Have you ever considered how difficult life would be if you were very different from everyone else? Have you ever felt humiliated because of how life has treated you? When it comes to life stories, many questions have been raised, but few, if any, have been answered.

Lalit, a 17-year-old boy with a rare skin disease known as Werewolf Syndrome, has spoken out about how he is being abused and called various names by his classmates as a result of the disease.

According to sources, Lalif lives in India with his family. When he was six years old, a doctor discovered he had Werewolf Syndrome, which causes excessive hair growth all over the body.

Lalit stated in an interview with Daily Star:

My father is a farmer, and I am currently a senior in high school studying in 12th grade while also assisting my father with his farming work. My parents claim the doctor shaved my hair at birth, but I didn't notice anything was different about me until I was around six or seven years old. That's when I noticed that my hair was growing all over my body like no one else's. My classmates are afraid of me; they don't want to come close to me because they are afraid I will bite them; some people throw stones at me and call me a monkey.

Despite some people's bad opinion, Laiif and his family has come in terms with the illness because it has no cure. Laiif wants to become a big YouTuber to help his parents financially. When he was asked why he wanted to become a YouTuber, He said

I slowly realized that I have hair all over my body and I am different from common humans in a good way, I am unique.

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