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It has been an incredibly challenging year for the content creation and streaming industries, with plenty of peaks and valleys that brought tidbits to celebrate, and also raised concern over the long-term viability of the creator/streamer economy, specifically on platforms such as Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube.

Highlighting such troubles has been the rise of influencer marketing, which brought a brighter spotlight to the industry economy. Where platforms could celebrate wins in terms of engagement, and in terms of deals, businesses often struggled with ROI and profit on such platform-centric campaigns.

How to Grow on Twitch

Many twitch streamers struggle with the solution to this question; How to Grow on Twitch? But, the answer isn't simple, and it's absolute.

We have seen a number of platforms pop up, especially in recent years, that have tried to implement solutions, from buying views, to gaming the system by leveraging communities for false engagement, to buying subs.

They have all failed and the majority of these apps have faded away.

Going Live on Twitch presents a unique challenge that requires adept branding, audience care, organization, consistency, and a stroke of luck.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Quality Content - viewers won't stay, or ever return, to consume content if it lacks any quality in the form of entertainment.
  2. Be Unique - there are a lot of instances of "copy cat" content on Twitch. By just looking at the home page you won't see much differentiation between channels, but the ones that are able to do something different tend to stand out.
  3. Branding - ensuring you are properly branding on social media, networking efficiently (not just with streamers), and utilizing marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization, can make all the difference in the big picture.
  4. Professionalism - when the camera is on, or if you're on social media, always remember that you are, at all times, representing your brand and any businesses that are, or may eventually be, associated with it. Keep your content clear of any pitfalls that could deter your progress, push away businesses and viewers, or ruin your brand completely.

While Twitch offers a somewhat different platform, the same can be said when it comes to How to Grow on YouTube, especially as they have dove more into live-streaming and short-form content offerings.

Becoming An Influencer

Influencer Marketing may not be a perfect system, but it has shown the potential to have a significant place within the creator and streamer economy.

It's not easy to monetize your content as it is, and even more challenging if you're positioning to be among the most successful TikTok influencers, or even make a mark in an emerging Twitch influencers market.

Understanding the current market, the industry metrics, and seeing the creators that brands work with is a great way to gauge and formulate your approach.

Here are some tips:

  • Follow the brands that work with the creators you enjoy. Sprinkle in the brands that work with creators/streamers that have similar content, or are around the same size as you are.
  • Start by being reasonable - while it is always true to never give anything away for free, it may be worth getting your foot in the door, or learning how the process works, but working with a smaller company for free. From there you can then start working your way up to paid opportunities, and will have a portfolio to show them.
  • Ask for Testimonials - if you're not getting paid, and even if you are, getting testimonials from the companies you work with will be key in building your portfolio, reputation, and brand. This will help you determine a value for your work, the value of your brand, and can be a "selling point" for any potential business partner.
  • Build a Contact List - whomever you talk to, from no to yes and even ignores, always keep a mailing list that you can continue to build. This will come in handy as you build your brand and optimize your networking.
  • Create A LinkedIn Profile - perception is value, and even if you just have a professional profile, as an extension of your brand and business on LinkedIn, it can be more appealing to businesses. It also can develop a level of trust that few platforms can deliver, just by having a presence. Lastly, you never know who you will connect with, or how your network will grow.

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