Trovo's Anum Aamer Discusses Influencer Marketing, Being a Woman in the Industry

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On a brand new edition of the Gamactica Podcast, Anthony DiMoro spoke with Trovo's Director of Marketing Anum Aamer about a number of topics, such as influencer marketing, being a woman in a male dominated industry, influencer marketing, and what is going on at the Trovo streaming platform.

When discussing influencer marketing, Aamer, who has spent years in in the industry, has seen where it initially took off to where it is now, and the pitfalls both the platforms and businesses may experience.

"What I've noticed specifically is the type of influencers, like, for example TikTok is huge, that's what everyone is talking about in the industry, but what I've noticed is that the audience doesn't convert as well compared to back when we worked with YouTubers and Instagramers" she said.

"For merch, for example, clothing companies would partner up with these YouTubers to create specific merch and they would get great sales on it. TikTokers have tried to do that and they noticed that there is no ROI coming in. Why is that? That's the thing we are trying to understand. Why are other platforms able to convert and why isn't TikTok?

Maybe because the audience is younger" Aamer says. "Maybe people, the newer generation, typically, that is on TikTok, they're only there to watch short-form content, they're not there for a long time kind of thing where you get loyal fans from other platforms."

Aamer believes there needs to be an evolution in the marketing space when it comes to working with influencers.

"I do think that influencer marketing has to change, and we have to evolve and see, investing as much as we are on certain types of influencers, is it worth it if we are not getting an ROI."

"Some of the things that I've experienced, like you pay an influencer to do a story, for example, I do think that has been successful in the past, but i think now in today's generation what I've noticed has been a drop off" Aamer said about the struggles of success in marketing campaigns.

"Is one story where it's like "Oh, hey check out this gummy, I use this gummy all the time", is it authentic enough for the fans to actually want to purchase the product? How do we bridge that gap between a straight up ad and it actually being an authentic thing?"

Aamer has had a successful career operating in male-dominated industries, and has seen first hand how women are treated differently, not just within the female streamers space, but also on the business side.

"I would say that for my journey, I have been very fortunate with the companies that I have worked with because they were very inclusive, they've given me opportunities that I don't necessarily know that I would have gotten at other companies, just because of hearing feedback from my peers in the industry" she explains.

"Over here (Trovo), for example, and my past companies as well, they give you the room to grow, they encourage you, they give you opportunities. I really feel heard here.

"But on the other side, sometimes when I'm taking to clients, for example, or trying to do a potential pitch I've experienced some of that toxicity and harassment where it kind of took me a step back. I expected that going into the esports industry, but I didn't expect it working in my own worktable, but when I'm communicating with other people; "Do you even know who I am?", talking down to you because you're a woman or because (they believe) you don't understand the space, it comes across in the language, the tone."

Check out the rest of the podcast on YouTube, where Aamer discussed what is going on over at Trovo, and more!

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