Just Chatting Continues to Dominate on Twitch

Anthony DiMoro

When it comes to the most popular content on the Amazon owned Twitch streaming platform, there is no denying the dominance of Just Chatting, which, by leaps and bounds, once again flexed it's muscle during the month of July.

It isn't that Just Chatting is slightly edging out popular games, the category is seemingly in another universe of success when it comes to popular Twitch streams, beating out massively popular titles such as League of Legends, VALORANT, and even Apex Legends, with relative ease.

Now, Just Chatting in itself doesn't necessarily have a defined niche. It can be anything from a host conversing with their chat while music plays, fans hosting sports talk podcasts with a live chat element, people unboxing items and card decks, or folks discussing the latest news around the world.

In fact, Just Chatting is easily the most eclectic category on Twitch. But that variety may be the key to the category's long-standing success, and July 2022 was another example.

According to StreamCharts, the Just Chatting category clocked in 269.8 million hours watched during the month of July, marking a 7 million increase from June. However, the peak viewers indicator dropped 35%, from 1.3 million to 846,000 viewers.

In comparison, League of Legends claimed the 2nd spot, clocking 121.3 million hours watched, which was a marked increase from June.

Continuing to the 3rd spot would see VALORANT, another offering from Riot Games, that clocked 121 hours watched, and Apex Legends following with 55.6 million hours watched.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Minecraft, with 53 million hours watched.

Not only has Just Chatting beaten these popular games, it has completely blown their numbers out of the water comparatively.

Most Watch Games on Twitchvia StreamCharts

Twitch is certainly looking to diversify it's content offerings as the platform strives to be seen as a variety content provider, shedding it's long-standing designation, by many, as a gaming content platform.

Amazon, the parent company of Twitch, is taking an approach to integrate other markets, including healthcare, as evidenced by their recent acquisition of One Medical back in July. By integrating in different markets, it could open up the possibility of a new segment of viewers heading to Twitch, and the content offered being more variety based to retain new viewers.

Now, this isn't to suggest that there is a plan to push content such as doctor explaining what pilonidal cysts are during a live-stream, or a marketer, for example, breaking down a medical SEO strategy for viewers, but, as the Just Chatting statistics show, there is an onus on variety, and a great interest from viewers to see variety content.

Still, Twitch will have a number of issues to overcome moving forward. From issues of swatting, harassment, and toxicity on the platform, all the way to questions about the viability of the viewership numbers as streamers attempt to game the system, there is a long way to go to truly capture the mainstream audience, and keep them there.

Gaming will always, seemingly, be a part of the Twitch platform, but the days of games like Fortnite completely dominating the viewership seem to be long gone....at least for now.

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