Opinion: What If We Had A Racism Vaccine?

Annelise Lords

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They are inventing vaccines for the prevention of many diseases. What about a Vaccine to prevent Racism?

Reading Denis Gorbunov: Are You Indifferent to Racism in Medicine?


He wondered, “Blacks’ skin is thicker than whites.”

Melanin isn’t the only thing that separates our skin.

They are inventing vaccines for the prevention of many diseases. What about a Vaccine for Racism?

Racism is a disease because its long-term effect has destroyed millions of lives in the past and is still more than five hundred years later. It is also inherited, and despite our daily life and world changes, Racism is still transferred between generations. It’s older than all of the diseases in our world.

Certain races, cultures, and laws have mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically used and allowed Racism to wreck other races’ hopes, dreams and lives.

Racism has been used to help create instabilities in the economics of certain countries inhabited by certain races. It has also contributed to wars and violence, destroying the lives and livelihoods of many, including innocent children. It’s worst than all uncurable diseases.

Racism is also a learned behavior that many parents thrust upon their children.

It can thrive, grow and multiply at a certain speed and will show up in many critical areas where it will test the life and value of my race.

When Russia attacked Ukraine, many blacks, many of which were students, weren’t allowed to enter any exit to safety.


Africans trying to escape Ukraine were being racially discriminated against.

Videos quickly spread online of Africans being prevented from leaving the country.

Even if an African made it onto a train or bus, they were removed.

In one instance, a Nigerian woman was told, ‘if you are Black, you should walk.’ Once most Ukrainians were evacuated, only then did Africans stand a chance.


Today, over 16,000 African people are studying in Ukraine, accounting for more than 20% of Ukraine’s international students.

I am a guest of your home, someone is attacking it, and because of my race, I am not allowed to enter the gateway to safety. I must stay a face your enemies and death. 

Their country is at war, and they can find the place and time to be racist. 
Racism is five-star CRUELTY! Top of the line, EVIL. A-one WICKEDNESS! It has no intention of stopping and relies on human actions, choices, and decisions to grow and thrive. Some humans feed and water it daily.

While my race adds to economies worldwide, we are still being denied fundamental and equal rights.

What messages were some Ukrainians sending to people of our world and my race then?

My heart hurts at what Russia is doing to Ukraine and its people. I know in unity, humanity can fix this problem.

However, life sometimes chooses the perfect time to test humankind.

This was the wrong time for any race or country to fail life’s test of humane treatment of each other.

The crisis life tosses at us daily should breed unity, not discrimination.

Racism shouldn’t be allowed to grow, thrive, exist, be, or show in actions, choices, and decisions, placed into laws allowing cruelty and hate to survive.

Hating you is hating me!

I guess the cruelty and inhumane treatment meted out against my race for centuries; life took away any choice many of us had to be weak/thinned skin.

But if we have a Racism vaccine, the thickness or thinness of our skin and color wouldn’t be an issue.

Would it?

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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