Fiction: The Kindness Test

Annelise Lords

When people are searching, let them find you through kindness.
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Crimson's Technology was the place to work, and every brilliant young mind in California wanted to be a part of their workforce. They were hiring, and more than one hundred people filled out applications. Twenty people showed up for the first round of interviews. Francine O'Malley and Jasmin Peterson were waiting for the elevator along with 12 other interviewed attired persons. A stinky odor lured their attention away from the elevator. An older lady walked up, looking like she was dumpster diving, smelling just as bad. Everyone's hands were over their noses except Francine's.

Jasmin said, "Phew, you are in the wrong building."

Francine said, "Are you alright, can I help you?"

The old lady smiled, staring deep into Francine's eyes, and said, "Yes, can you hold my bag please."

Without a second thought, Francine took the filthy, smelly bag while the old lady straightened her dirty coat. One of the elevators opened, everyone rushed into it, and a familiar voice said, "don't come into this one."

Francine assisted the lady into the next elevator and stepped in beside her. No one else entered. As she exited the elevator on the 13th floor, Francine asked, "Will you be ok?"

The old lady smiled and said, "Yes child, I will be ok. Thank you."

Before the elevator door closed, she called out, "what's your name, child?"

"Francine O'Malley," she answered.

The old lady smiled and turned away.

Francine nods as the elevator door closes.

Back on the 14th floor, all eyes behold Francine as she entered. The crowd eased back, and someone said, "Don't come near us. You smell as bad as that old wrench."

Francine took her spot in the corner.

One hour later, a young man came in, calling names. When he was finished, Francine said, "excuse me, sir, but I didn't hear my name."

"Is your name Francine O'Malley?" he asked, shifting through papers he clutched in his right hand.

"Yes sir," she responded too quickly.

"You are already hired?" he said

"What!" Everyone shouted.

"The old lady you helped an hour ago said if I didn't hire you, she would fire me."

"Ah!" Everyone shouted again

The young man turned to the crowd and said, "my mother believes that kindness is a requirement for the survival of humanity, and she does all kinds of weird stuff to find a kind heart." He turned to Francine and said, "and today, she found it in you."

When people are searching for you, let them find you through kindness. Kindness will bounce back to the giver.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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