Fiction: Love Rewards, Hate Punishes!

Annelise Lords

Some of the people we hate are enjoying their lives with their actions.
Hearts are made from flowers.Image by Annelise Lords

“So, your marriage failed!” Marjory said to her daughter Linda, sitting on the sofa in tears. “You are alive with all the resources you need to move on! Life is going on. You got to move with it!”

“Oh Mom,” Linda moaned, “I hate him so much, I can’t just move on. I lost my job three weeks ago.”

Marjory went to her knees, took her daughter’s hands, stared into her teary red eyes, and demanded, “Why the hell are you punishing yourself?”

Pulling her hands away and rising from the sofa, using the back of her hands to wipe her eyes and nose, “How am I punishing myself Mom?”

“He was cruel to you. Life gave you a gift. It is rewarding you when you got rid of him. When we get rid of anything or anyone evil from our lives it’s a reward, not a punishment. Hating him, you are punishing yourself!”

“Oh Mom, I just can’t seem to release the hatred from my heart,” Linda groans. “I have tried. Hate is stronger than I am.”

“Honey,” her mother counsels, “The people we hate, they are living, eating, singing, dancing, and they are enjoying their lives. They are happy with their evil deeds, actions, choices and decisions.”

Reality hits Linda as she turns and glares at her mother, who reaches out and hugs her.

“Honey, we rejoice when we get rid of the bad things in our lives and move on, because they have!”

Some of the people we hate are enjoying their lives with their actions. We punish ourselves by hating them. Hatred is more destructive than love.

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