Fiction: Our Life Is Like Sieve

Annelise Lords

Regrets are lessons, and many of us spend too much time on them, allowing them to harm us.
A sieve with glass flowers.Image by Annelise Lords

A female in the audience asked motivational speaker Jinnel Lim, “I was at your show in New York last week, and a young man who was complaining about people coming in and out of his life were using him to get what they want.”

Jinnel smiles as her memory is shoved on a roller coaster, running backward.

“Oh,” she continues, her brain sorting out the events. Before she could pick the right moment, the same voice said, “My name is Melissa, and you were discussing regrets. You said regrets are lessons, and many of us spend too much time on them allowing them to harm us.”

“And I also said that our lives are like a sieve.”

“Yes,” she said in delight. “You articulated, that the bad things would go right through the sieve, but the good ones wouldn’t. The good ones are the ones that stay no matter the circumstances.”

Silence captured the audience briefly, and Melissa began to clap, and the rest of the audience followed, standing in cheer.

“Thank you,” Jinnel compliments. “Yes, our lives are like a sieve, and the ones who come in, take what they want, and leave, goes through the sieve. The few that stay in the storm, hurricane, tornado, volcano, fire, and for all of the disasters, are the ones that care. Life helps us, but we need to help ourselves too by taking the time to know the people in our lives and what they demand from us. The ones that leave, leave for a reason; let the regrets go with them through the sieve, but not before lessons learned.”

Yes, regrets are lessons for me. Everyone who comes into my life is there to teach me something important. Some lessons are valuable, and others are costly, but I always learn something that increases my knowledge and wisdom. Thus improving my life.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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I don't limit myself, because I learn from the actions, choices, decisions, and life of everyone I know. I study and learn from all of my life's circumstances and situations, and also yours. My power of words is about life, awareness, the value, and the simplicity of commonsense, especially when it's not used. Life lessons are in everything we do. I will show them to you.

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