Fiction: My Aunt Jackie III

Annelise Lords

Instead of going to the party, I ended up at the police station charged with ‘Soliciting Prostitution’ to an undercover cop!
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Minutes later, I think we were trying to out-stare each other, or they were stunned by my perfume because they were as quiet and still as a graveyard at midnight on a full moon night. They didn’t even bark.

I made one step. They did the same. Left, right, left, right, left, right. They imitated my action like a soldier in training. Who the hell trained these damn dogs, the US Army?

My instincts warned me not to get them barking. So, I started to do the Bronson Pinchot in ‘Perfect Strangers’ dance of joy.’

‘Hey, don’t judge me. I am under the spell of my Aunt Jackie, plus, my actions are a morbid act of desperation!’

They sat down; I stopped, and they stood up. I repeated the process more than once. They did the same.

‘Oh, they need to be entertained ah.’

I danced my way to the exit quickly since I was trespassing. Occupants were discouraged from entering this area at night because of the dogs. But should a child throws something out the window during the daytime, the adults are given the code number to access this area. There were warning signs all over the wire fences. I knew the code number Mom used to get in and out after they set the alarms at night.

By the time I was outside, they were barking like crazy, and I was exhausted.

‘Brad Pitt is waiting for you at the party,’ a voice urged me.

I think that’s my Aunt Jackie’s voice inside me telling me not to give up. Gosh, I wished she was here with me.

I glanced at my watch, near another flood light; it was 12: 46 am.

The street was quiet, lonely, and semi-dark. I had never done anything like this before, and I was sure the child in my Mom would understand. After walking two long blocks north, I stopped to catch my breath. Another block and I could see the neon lights on the signs to the ‘Dragon Lounge’ where Jaynie should be waiting for me flashing brightly. It was urging me to move quickly.

I answered the call and hurried inside, shaking my head to the music, which was packed with men and women having a great time, dancing to Luther Vandross’s Endless Love. Some were singing along too. And why not? It was Saturday and also St. Valentines Day.

Jaynie wasn’t where she should be!

I searched my coat pocket for my phone, heading back towards the front. My small pocketbook was missing!

It must have fallen out when I was entertaining the Doberman dogs!

God, that sounded so pathetic.

I wasn’t finished yet.

A tall, handsome guy stood at the entrance, talking to someone on his cell phone. I waited until he finished, then imitated Aunt Jackie’s puppy dog face. I approached him, but he was already checking me out.

“I think I dropped my phone in the taxi that took me here,” pretending to search my coat pocket again.

He handed me his expensive iPhone.

“Thank you,” I said, quickly dialing Jaynie’s cell phone.

After twenty-five rings and three calls, a voice relates, “leave you massage I am . . . . . .” Her speech was slurred, and the music was blasting in the background. A male voice said, “leave a message after the beep!” and cut me off.

She was drunk.

I could strangle her for leaving without me. I had no money!

Now, I was finished!

I couldn’t call Mom. She always turns off the phone at night. The police station was two blocks east. I could tell them that Brad Pitt was waiting for me at the party. My attire would be my downfall. I could see and hear their laughter. They wouldn’t believe me.

Aunt Jackie said she sneaked out one night, but her date ditched her in the middle of nowhere because she refused to ‘put out.’ So, she pretended to be a prostitute, got picked up, and tricked the guy into bringing her home. Then she screamed as if hell was coming when he tried to touch her. He pushed her out of his car and drove away at the speed of light.

After returning the phone with my heart in my mouth, I did the same.

I did get picked up alright. But instead of going to the party, I ended up at the police station charged with ‘Soliciting Prostitution’ to an undercover cop!

Mom was right. Aunt Jackie is CRAZY!

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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