Fiction: Growing Love or Hatred

Annelise Lords

Love and hatred do possess the ability to grow. One grows roses, and the other grows weeds.
Roses and Weeds Symboling Love and HateImage by Annelise Lords

Marva glanced at the woman sitting beside her and smiled.
The lady looked at her with far-away eyes, extended her right hand, and said, “Hi, I am Paula. This is my fifth month here.”

“Welcome, I am Marva and I have been coming here for eight months,” she introduced herself.

“Don’t you want to know why I always sit beside you?” Paua asked.

Still smiling, Marva said, “Because there is always an empty seat beside me?”
She nodded and revealed, “You are the only one in this place of pain and sorrow that smiles. You are always smiling. We are all here for the same reason, to get help for the emotional, physical, verbal, and psychological trauma done to us by someone who is supposed to love us. Your smile has a light, and I can see it. How?” Paula asked with a sad look in her eyes. “Why? You have been through the same hell all of us has, if not more.”

“I am alive,” Marva said.

“Your mother stuffed you in a chest at 12 years old and throw you into the sea, and that wasn’t her first attempt on your life?”

“I am still alive,” Marva repeated.

“How?” Paula continued. “How do you managed to live with so much pain and still go around smiling?”

Marva took a deep breath and shared, “Love and hatred possess the ability to grow. One grows roses, and the other grows weed. One destroys us and the other helps us. I choose to grow Love.”
Paula stared at her for a long time fighting to absorb the truth in her words.
Marva sensed her pain and continued, “I am happy because I survived, and being alive is happiness for me. I love my life now, and my future is better because of everything my mother did to me in the past. I used to love to guide me, and it helped me to be the opposite of her.”

Paula stared at her as tears flowed.

Marva continued, “Love shows me how to be a better mother to my children, and to be a better human being. I learned how to love from her cruelty and hatred towards me. I am a better mother thanks to her. I didn’t allow my past to dictate my future, and neither should you. And that light that you see, it’s Love. I have so much Love inside of me, it flows out.”

Love and hatred do possess the ability to grow. One grows roses, and the other grows weeds.

What do you grow?

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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