Opinion: Animal Instincts Vs Human Instincts

Annelise Lords

Are animals more aware than most humans?

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After thirty-five minutes of Yoga, I take a walk around the gated community I live for another thirty minutes. A kind-hearted soul made several birdhouses that lured many different species of birds to his home. He also feeds them. For the past weeks, I noticed that some birds were no longer flying away as I approached.

Normally they would. I continued to walk by, and many glanced my way but kept feasting.

I wondered. Then a voice said, "they don't see you as a threat."

Many persons in the complex walk their dogs in the morning. I avoid the big dogs because these dogs look stronger than their walkers.

The smaller one's bark then runs up to me, sniffing. Some would climb on my leg, wagging their tails. I smile and pet them. Then they rushed back to their owners/walkers.

My thoughts were stirred again, "this dog didn't think that I am a threat."

Who taught them to recognize who is dangerous and who isn't?

Animals have their own languages, like humans. Yet their instincts seem to be more active than ours.

Are our instincts dead?

Who taught them to always listen to their gut feelings?

Humans often ignore what their intuition tells them, unlike animals. Humans have a level of control when making decisions about their safety. Yet some ignore what their gut feelings are screaming out to them.

Animals who aren't nocturnal find a safe place to sleep at night and stay put until they see the sun rising.

They are aware that the night comes with danger.

This comparison isn't meant to be cruel or insensitive.

I wonder, Eliza Fletcher, the school teacher who was running at 4:20 AM in the darkness of the morning when most day animals are asleep, was her instincts asleep too?

Our world is violent, and most crimes occur under the protection of darkness.

Why didn't she realize that her action could impact her life negatively?

Are animals more aware than most humans?

Are animals raised to use common sense?

One advantage humans might have over animals is the ability to assess all situations before they venture.

I can go in feet first or head first.

What do you think?

My condolences to the Fletcher family for their loss. Her unfortunate incident should be a lesson to both males and females. No matter the circumstance, check your instinct and common sense before you go in. You have two choices. Make the right one!


Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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