Fiction: The Rainbow

Annelise Lords

Suddenly, lightning demands their attention, and rain feeds the earth.
A rainbow.Image by Annelise Lords

“At school today, my friends and I were talking about love,” Sophia Henson shared with her Grandmother. “You and grandpa are the only person I know who has managed to let love last for more than fifty years. . . . . ..” 

She pauses, eyeing her Grandmother skeptically, then reveals, “I overheard mom telling Aunty Stacy the other day that you have managed to let your love last even after grandpa’s death. How do you do that?”

Her Grandmother smiled and gently led her down memory lane, saying, “Today would be fifty-seven years from the day we met.” 

She paused, battling the pain and hoping her granddaughter wouldn’t be able to sense or read her emotion. She said, “it was raining, and we shared his umbrella. He bet a rainbow would come after the rain stopped falling. If it came, I would have dinner with him.”

Pausing again to suppress the pain of loss, covering it with a smile, “It came,” her Grandmother said, smiling to push the sadness further away as her granddaughter stared at her. She continues, “The day we married, he promised me a rainbow.”

“Did it come? Did it?” Sophia asked in excitement. 
She covered her loss with a smile, reaching out and stroking Sophia’s chin, “Yes honey, it came too. So, every year on our wedding anniversary, I would wish for a rainbow. I never got one, but he would buy me cards with rainbows on them. The day before he died, he promised to send me a rainbow on our anniversary to let me know he would never stop loving me.”

Sophia hugs her Grandmother as she pauses, reading the sadness in her eyes as it rushes to the surface. “You missed him a lot, don’t you?” She asks her Grandmother, easing out of her embrace.
Her Grandmother smiles, take both hands, and shares, “Yes, baby, I do miss him.”
“But . . .. you never looked sad,” Sophia said. “Until today.”
“That’s because I realized the value of our love while he was alive and was able to keep growing it. Many humans never understood the real value of love until it’s gone.”

“Like my father,” slips out of Sophia’s mouth.
Her Grandmother reached out and touched her on her right cheek and revealed, “by the time your father realized the power of love, your mother had already left.”
Suddenly, lightning demands their attention, and rain feeds the earth. Minutes later, Sophia cried, “Grandma, look! Your Rainbow has arrived! He sends it! He still loves you!”

Love is one of the most potent but positive emotions. It does possess the power to keep on growing.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it. 

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