Fiction & Opinion: Are You Unconsciously Living Your Dream?

Annelise Lords

Sometimes we don't get our wishes or dreams, but we unconsciously are living in our dreams.
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Stuck at home with more time than food, Pauline sighed as regrets touched the rewind button, pushing her back into her past. Overwhelmed with the sadness and disappointment that was flooding her heart, mind, and soul, she laments in sorrow, "My life is wasted, if I die today, I die with unfulfilled dreams."

Her niece, sixteen-year-old Angelina, asked, "What were your dreams, Auntie?"

Pauline faked a smile to mask the sadness in her heart that her face had already revealed, "I had dreams of becoming a Nurse."

"Really Auntie?" Angelina Parker asked, moving closer to her Aunt/Mother. Taking her hands, and as their eyes touched, these words of love, healing, and wisdom burst from her lips like water from a leaky garden hose, "You had raised all four of us when mom died ten years ago. You have nurtured and nursed us throughout the tragedy of Mom's illness and death. You are the one everyone calls when they are sick. You took care of Grandma and Grandpa until they died. You have nursed all the babies and children in this family. You might not have gotten a chance to fulfill your dreams, but you have been living in it all of your life."

Tears flowed freely from Pauline's eyes as her nieces' words extinguished the pain and regrets she carried around for years, which sometimes became unbearable.

If you wished to become a teacher but didn't get that wish, but you teach yourself and others many things, who said you aren't a teacher? The same goes for all of us. Sometimes we don't get our wishes or dreams, but we unconsciously live in them.

Are you consciously or unconsciously living your dreams?

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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