Fiction: I Sing When I Am Happy

Annelise Lords

“She stopped singing!” Colleen said.
A musical note made from sea shells.Image by Annelise Lords

Reading “Harmonic” by Dr. Fatima Imam and inspiration hits me.

“Will she make it?” Colleen asked her brother Dr. Joshua Bently as he exited Tori’s hospital room.

“Yes,” he answered. Curiosity lined his face as his worry lines became visible.

“I can read the worry lines on your forehead, Josh. So there is more.” Colleen prompted.

Pulling out of the earshot of hospital workers and visitors, Joshua questions, “She has been suicidal for a while, according to her psychiatrist. She swore that the medications were working. Her family said everything was ok. She was adjusting to her husband’s death, working, going back to school, and was happy. So what happened?”

“She stopped singing,” Colleen said.

“She stopped singing?” Dr. Joshua Bently said, easing his upper body backward.

“Oh, Josh, you have heard me say that I know when Tori isn’t happy over the years," Colleen refreshes her brother's memory. "She sings when she cleans, cooks, washes, etc. You know she is always singing. After Joe’s accident, it was rough for her. But she was doing everything her family said. Except singing.”

“They weren’t aware?” Dr. Bently inquired.

“All of us have habits. Not everyone in our lives is aware of them,” Colleen shares.

“But you aren’t a family member, sis,” he stressed.

Nodding, Colleen reminds, “we have been friends since Elementary School before you were born. I knew her habits. It’s been eighteen months, and she stopped singing after his death. I knew everything wasn’t ok, as her family convinced everyone.”

“Well,” he said with gratitude. “You saved her life. She would have bled out in another hour.”

“I pray I can get her to start singing again,” slipped out of Colleen’s thoughts.

I sing when I am cleaning my house. I sing when I am in my kitchen, cutting up fresh veggies or making my natural fruit juices. I sing when I am in my backyard, hanging clothes on my line.

Someone said, ‘I sing because I am happy.’

Who knows when you are happy? Or when you are sad?

Try to be more aware of your loved ones who are experiencing loss.

The gift of friendship is one of our most valuable assets. Treasure it and keep it flowing. You never know when it might save your life.

Thanks to Trista for giving us more opportunities to be grateful.

I am thanking friendships.

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