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Annelise Lords

Being strong flows from somewhere deep within me because life didn't give me a choice to be weak.
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I am Annelise Lords, and I am a Jamaican. My country is unstable and poor. It teaches its citizens many lessons. The second part of me is STRENGTH. If #Iintend2survive, fight poverty and stay sane, then I must be strong. Not only for me but for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on, a kind idea, a lift up, a better way, an ear, for whatever reasons. Life taught me never to live my life only for me.

"Are you out of your mind?" Barbara demands from Sadie after she collected her fourth VIP company award.

"What did I do?" she asked, putting her crystal trophy on the table she shared with her two best friends.

"You thanked your enemies too for your success. Why the hell did you do that?"

"You don't think I should have thanked everyone?"

"Not the ones who tried to destroy your dreams. Not the ones who put blockades in front of you? Not the ones who wanted you to give up. They didn't help you!" Barbara points out to her.

"Because they tried to stall my dreams you think they didn't help me?" Sadie quest.

Barbara glanced at Ellen for support and reminded them, "they tried to help you down."

Ellen stared at both of them, remaining silent.

Sadie sighed deeply and trodded down memory moment along with soft classical music in the background, "ten years ago when you decided to go back to school, only the two of us agreed that it was a great idea. We have been pushing you for a while," pointing at herself and Ellen.

"I remembered. My own family mocked and ridiculed me telling me I will be the oldest one in my class. And I was," she said in reflection.

"How many times have you come to us complaining about how hard college was and you wanted to drop out?"

"Forty-seven times," she answered quickly.

Ellen and Sadie laughed, and Sadie asked, "You were counting?"
"Hell yes!" Barbara almost shouts, glancing around the ballroom. "That was the closest I came to failure."

"What did I say?"

Running off in reflection, Barbara shares, "You said I could stay in school, improve my life and be happy. Or, I can give up and make my family happy."

"And?" Sadie urges.

"I am not going to give happiness to anyone who doesn't want happiness for me!"

Turning to Ellen, who was too silent, she gently pushed her down memory avenue, "twenty-five years ago, when you fell in love with Vincent, and your family was against you marrying a man who had a disability. Barbara and I encouraged you to marry the man you love and who loves you and keep happiness for yourself. Or give it to the ones who don't care about you."

Smiling while running off in happy reflections, Ellen compliments, "Vincent doesn't allow his disability to hinder himself, his life, or his family. He is the best husband a woman would want, and a great father to our children. We kept the happiness for ourselves."

"Damn, girl!" Barbara said. "Now I see why you never crack. You find positivity in all bad intentions."

"Yes, Babs," Sadie agrees. "My enemies helped me by their negative actions, choices, and decisions. They aren't aware that I am using their negative vibes and energy as fuel to re-energize me. And I do crack. I just don't let anyone see it."

"Why not?" Ellen asked. "It would show that you are human."

"You guys know me the best. You think I am not human?" Sadie wondered out loud.

Ellen's eyes met Barbara, and Barbara suggested, "I will say it the best way."

Ellen nods.

"You are our rock. You give so much and take so little. You are the only human in our lives and this company that does that."

"Because life didn't give me a choice to be weak, that makes me not human?"

"It's just that we have never met anyone with the depth of your inner strength," Ellen said.

Silence hugged all three friends briefly, then Sadie pushed silence away, "When your life is hell you must fight to get out of it. And others rely on you for strength, being strong becomes a habit that allows you to always stay up."

Ellen congratulates, "And that's why you are the most Valuable Employee in this company!"

I must thank everyone for my success, good and bad. They have contributed something. And yes, I use negative energy and vibes to refuel myself. So can you. Being strong flows from somewhere deep within us because life doesn't give some of us a choice to be weak. I know I will never always be strong, nor will I always stay up. But when I fall, I know where I will land. And that is POWER

This was written this way to inspire because I AM STRENGTH! And so are You!
I AM STRENGTH Printed on a t-shirt for men.Image by Annelise Lords. Models by Kin Custom

Thank you for readingthis piece. I hope you enjoy it. Red is the symbol of STRENGTH!

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I don't limit myself, because I learn from the actions, choices, decisions, and life of everyone I know. I study and learn from all of my life's circumstances and situations, and also yours. My power of words is about life, awareness, the value, and the simplicity of commonsense, especially when it's not used. Life lessons are in everything we do. I will show them to you.

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